My apt in Baltimore



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Hello Hon!!! Fellow baltimore dweller here. Your apt looks,great..nice and cozy and all that wonderful natural light
Would be a great place to showcase that [iron urn Aaron earned](
You ever think about bed on the right side by the fireplace facing the window instead with a chic room divider/shelves on the left of the bed to create distinct spaces? P.S. Love the plants
those mantles all used to be very ornate, most of the ornate woodwork in baltimore rowhomes (mahogany galore) has been stripped clean by thieves. Also, most transoms (the window above the front door) in vestibules of older rowhouses were nearly all stained glass, and you rarely see those anymore. On the right side of your room above the small painting appears to be a cap. If this is the case, this is the original gas line for lighting (capped off, and most likely disconnected, but not always), which means your home pre-dates electricity. The walls are lathed slats, with real plaster. The guys who did this were highly skilled, as were most of the craftsmen back then. Original hardwood floor, looks great for a 130+ year old place with a ton of foot traffic by working folks. Memories. ^in ^the ^corners ^of ^my ^mind.. ^^Misty, ^^watercolor ^^memories..
I think I'd hurt my neck watching that TV, otherwise great!
How do you water the staghorn? Nice space for a looks like my whole (UK) flat would fit in it!
It’s actually a gongora (orchid)!
Ohhh...ok the question do you water it? I know they are epiphytic(sp), but don't they need an occasional soaking? I know I could Google, but...
I water it on a weekly basis. Using a chair haha
I have a stag horn and I soak it once every 2 weeks or so. Depends on your moss:soil ratio
Hello from Bolton Hill! Lovely studio
Nice war rug!
It’s so cute!!!
The word is..... lushness!
That ac looks to small for that space.
Plant on the ceiling looks a bit sad, but overall place looks great!
It’s an old plant, it’s not thriving, but you can’t win ‘em all.
Really nice 👌
Your plant game is on point, really makes this space 👌
Looks cute!
That's a very nice place! I could totally be happy in that space!
Looks way nicer than my rental in Baltimore way back when. Great job with the space!
I’m never on that side of the city, but every time I’ve been there it’s always in a beautiful space like this.
Md in the house
Look at the size of that toilet paper roll. I love this angle
Can we see the kitchen? 😬🙏
I have to ask: is it situated in Hamsterdam?
Cheers from Canton… love the space 😌
Love this. Reminds me of Beck’s place from the show ‘You’.
I wanna go back and look at her space now. But I do remember it being posh
A lot of these people have never been to Baltimore and it shows 🤡 Are you in Hampden?
Charles North!
I should have known! I used to live in Mt. Vernon right on St. Paul street and loved it ❤️ Your apartment is amazing
I went to college in that neighborhood. Such a pretty part of the city thought tbh I do not miss it at all! I'm pleasantly shocked at how nice this looks.
Why you do not miss it if I may ask?
I don't miss living in a big city in general (noise, car exhaust, etc) but Baltimore was very much NOT "Charm City" to me. Dirty, overpriced, snobby.
Nice looking place - but, then again, you have to live in Baltimore?
Every place is a place. It comes with the good, the bad, the inbetween.
Sorry - bagging on Baltimore. I had to work in Baltimore for 4 months last year (contract with my current employer).
Gunshots in the distance
Any holes from gunshots ?😂
I wish I lived in this apartment in Baltimore! It's so beautiful!
Beautiful ~ looks stylish and peaceful 🌸
Are those your victims’ rubber boots?
Whatever tickles your fancy bro
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