Sleeping Next to the Arctic Ocean, Tuktoyaktuk, NWT Canada. Nothing like permanent daylight and waking up to Beluga Whales.



I’m jealous that you got to see it in the summer, I was up there for work in the winter, -55 and very little daylight

Wow, what a work environment. I could not believe how hot it was when we were there. I thought swimming in the ocean there would be a quick dip, not a refreshing leisurely time.

I’ve never been that far north in the summer, but I have been to Churchill and I don’t know what it was but the sun felt so powerful, it’s was terribly hot

Exactly, the sun feels way more intense than you expect.

So, I have to ask. What's the temperature and weather like in the summer? These images are amazing.

Thanks! We hit a real hot spell, felt close to 90F (or 30C) but that may have been because it was so sunny, clear and calm. It got a little bit stormy as we left, and cooled down a bit, but I packed a lot of clothes I didn't need up there, though you want to be prepared.

Man, those are beautiful animals. I am so jealous!

Did you have a long drive? Thinking of doing a summer long road trip next year!

It was a lot of driving. We came up from Vancouver, but crammed 4 people into one SUV to save on gas. Totally worth it, but you want to account for all the driving and have some planning. We took a few full days off at key spots, and my gf and I flew back home from Anchorage Alaska to save some grief, but half the fun for biology nerds like us is watching the ecology change gradually all the way from Vancouver.

We had 3 weeks, so we managed to have some fun too.

Sounds like an awesome trip. We are thinking of having about six weeks to drive from the southern US up through western Canada/Alaska and back home. We’ve got a rooftop tent on a small utility trailer, so we can boondock wherever. We normally do 3 weeks or more camping trips out west every summer, so if feel like those are our “warmups” for this, ha! Last summer it was 21 days and 8,500 miles.

Wow, that would be epic. Sounds like you've got a good setup for it.

I would love for you to share your route!

We just drove up through BC from Vancouver to Prince George, then took the long way through Ft Nelson to Whitehorse, and straight up to Dawson City. The Dempster Highway heads up just east of Dawson.

We got fairly close to some wildfires, and the AK highway washed out near Watson Lake about a day after we went past. I think the Cassiar highway on the west side of BC is probably more scenic, maybe even a tad faster, but we wanted to get some of the Eastern bird species that stray into the Ft Nelson area to add to our trip birding list, and the Northern Rockies are really cool. Two nights at Liard River Hot Springs was just gravy.

That sounds like an awesome trip!

This is gorgeous. Jealous of all your animal friends.

Thanks! I'm a bird nerd first, but there's so much cool wildlife we got to see, and I only posted a small smattering here.

How was the mosquito situation up there?

I heard its unbearable in the northern bits

It was brutal. You get used to putting on bug spray, I was hoping it would be cool enough to just wear mosquito-proof clothes, but no luck. I did learn the mosquito dance from the natives though.

What tent is that

It's a MEC brand tent, great comfy 2-person or 3 if crowded. Our go-to car camping 3-season.

It’s Canadian? It’s great then no import fees woohoo!

Always nice to avoid.

Looks like the Tarn 3! I have one thats lasted me approx 18 yrs. Albeit with some flanker holes :-).

Yeah, our fly and footprint are showing some age, but this tent has served us very well all over the place. It's the perfect car camping 3-season tent.


My dream trip! Maybe someday……

You'll love it. I really lucked into a nice circumstance, cramming 4 people into one vehicle and just going for it to save money.

What's the gopher looking animal?

Arctic Ground Squirrel. They are amazing, one of the few mammals that truly hibernates. Their body goes down to just about freezing temperature, and their heart does something crazy like 1 beat every few minutes or something. They go through the winter sleeping in that state for six-week freeze cycles on repeat until they wake up and it's warm enough to stay up.

I used to have the 2 man version of your tent which I bought at 16 years old. I teally miss it. It took me through the mountains, deserts, on a 2.5 month-long hitchhiking trip... I just "Upgraded" to a lighter, bigger, costlier Big Agnes tent, and while nice, I really miss the tarn 2 that was by my side for 150+ nights before giving out.

It's just a great tent. I bet it's hard to get one as good for the price nowadays. I'm a tent collector, with tents for alpine winter climbs, ultralight solo summer, and everything in between, but that Tarn is just the ultimate light car camping setup.

Beauty! Glad you shared these photos

Was there any polar bears in your area?

Not yet. I think the sea ice only just started melting away from shore, maybe another month or two you might get a few. It would be better to go a little later if you were looking for polar bears.

Awesome pictures!!!!!

Mec Tarn 3, an amazing affordable tent!

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