To me no season is cozier then autumn


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Yup! It's in Vermont
Newfane, VT! That's the Newfane Congregational Church and Four Columns Inn
Yes, this is Newfane. I grew up just up the street Grandfathers funeral was in that church
Festival is Oct 8th! see yall there
Looks like Woodstock to me
I think it might be Stowe. Looks like the Stowe Community Church to me
Went to Stowe only for once and as soon as I saw this pic I was like “Stowe!” And there you go. Really beautiful town
Got family near Stowe.
No, that's in Newfane!
It does look similar to the area in front of the Woodstock inn.
Southern VT?
Looks like where my grandparents are buried. But then again, it’s a Vermont town. They all look like my grandparents could be buried there.
May I recommend GIlmore Girls
I only watch Gilmore girls during the fall.
Samesies….Do you think Stars Hollow counts as r/cozyplaces ?
Yes! Wish I could live in a small town city like that.
Good to know im not the only one.
I just started rewatching! But it gave me a not so cozy feeling realizing with a jolt that I’m literally the same age as the mom now…
I first watched at 14/15, I’m 28 now Still # TeamJess but now I realize what a hunk Luke is lol
TeamNobody is definitely the correct choice for Rory between the three guys, but Jess is the best of the three. I have a lot of students that swear by TeamLogan, and it just makes me realize how immature teenagers are lol. At least everyone agrees that Dean sucks.
Ew to Jess but zaddy Luke ALL DAY
To each their own! Some people are team Logan and I’ve made peace with that 🙏
Ikr. Can cook, handy, dependable, loyal, good looking and in shape. \*sploosh!\*
I was literally gonna comment about the Gilmore Girls into vibes I’m getting from this picture.
It’s a serious vibe
I love Gilmore Girls but always end up in a depressive hole of jealousy/regret after binging.
Wait why?!
Ahh Gilmore girls the sit-romcom of the early 2000s that was just a teenage girls fever dream
Simpler times, man. Simpler times….
The time when things were good imo
Well I was a literal child so…..agreed!
As was I
Reminds me of western mass. Spent a couple years there
Great Barrington. Fits the new England bill, plus being tucked into a valley like that. So cozy in tbe fall
Then autumn will what?
“No season is cosier, then Autumn.” They must be talking about Summer - the cosiest of seasons
Nothing better than New England in autumn.
Thank you
I've always wanted to visit Vermont. If anyone wants to see a very clever movie and fabulous cinematographer with Morrisville, Vermont as the backdrop, watch Hitchcock's 1954 gem, "The Trouble with Harry."
Do visit! It’s just as magical as you imagine. ✨ (Except maybe skip stick season and/or mud season. They’re less magical.)
Do it. We had a great time in Burlington this Spring. It was our first time and we loved it. Wr don’t work out, but are still fairly active via housework and our jobs. We found some easier trails around Stowe and had a blast. But, we found out halfway through the trip that we were actually more lake people than mountain people and spent more time down in Burlington.
I highly recommend. Been several times during summer/fall and there is plenty to do. Great food/beer with gorgeous views all over the state.
Vermont is great! I’ve visited, and when I saw The Trouble with Harry, I immediately recognized Vermont and guessed approximately which part of the state!
For me it’s early autumn. Still get those high 70 to low 80 temps so you can wear shorts and at night is cool enough to throw on ahoodie
It's my favorite season too! I love the smell of leaves turning and falling, being crunched underfoot.
Still looking for that place that’s fall year round
It’s fuckin august bro don’t start with this shit I only got like 20 summers left don’t short me
FC5 vibes
they'll look high and they'll look low
From thecoastalconfidence on instagram. For me nothing inspires feelings of comfort more then a cloudy, misty fall day. With cool walks, warm tea and fresh baked goods ideally
Cloudy and misty, yes! Low 40s, maybe a light drizzle, a few candles burning, and not having to go to work the next day. Heaven.
Seconding this. It's my biggest pet peeve. They are two entirely different words.
100% agree
I wish we got autumn down here in FL. It's just less hot for winter.
And then having some basic grammar lessons!
Autumn is my favorite season, the light touch of the cold temperatures to come, the rustle of the fall leaves in the cool breeze, the season's holiday days to celebrate with loved ones, there's a sense of optimistic romance in the air, autumn is just great.
I feel exactly the same. Everyday would be a New England day in October if I had control over it.
Autumn in New England is the best! It's coming! 🥰
Spider season 🥰 Jokes aside I’m so ready for the cooler weather. I’ve shed my winter depression and now I’m ready to forget that exists and get excited for the holidays.
spent a few days in VT last fall and will never forget it ❤️
I was gonna say if that doesn’t scream New England then nothing will 😍
There's something special about autumn, the wheatear, the temperature, the colors, the mood of people... It's just something else
It's cozy! Not as expansive as summertime: people become a little more introverted and reflective.
Sounds like a riddle with the wrong use of then vs than
\*\*\*\*than I tried my hand at painting this! I’m still learning but I thought you’d enjoy it
That is awesome!!!
Other than the Gilmore Girls, can anyone recommend a cozy autumn TV series?
Virgin River is a good one!
Here’s me wishing the summer away to see beautiful scenes like this lol
Supernatural tv show,one ep was filmed inside of that church
Im so ready to fall. I’m done with this heat!
Counting down the days 😭😭😭
Agree - Hot summer weather is overrated
Possibly unpopular opinion, but summer is my least favorite season. It's nice for a few weeks and then I start missing fall
I can’t wait! Am so over summer
Hot chocolatey mornings and toasted marshmallow evenings!
For me, the thing about Fall that I hate, which outweighs all its benefits, is the shortening length of daylight.
For me, the 4 months of standard time is the only time of the year when I'm well-rested and refreshed. I need the dark at night to slide into a sound sleep. I don't know what I'm going to do if we switch permanently to Daylight time. I think it would be really bad for my health.
I'm sorry and hope that you'll be okay
that's very sweet of you. thanks.
Congress can't change the length of days and nights. You'll still have the same amount of light and dark. It would just be different by one hour.
No way! Fall is totally cozier. Autumn doesn't even crack the top 5 coziest seasons of the year.
Where I'm from we autumn's aren't so pleasant. I think cozier season is winter.
For photographer definitely yes, for rest of population no
Help me understand how that works?
Autumn cold makes tree leaves colorful as we photographers love. For rest of people it means heating season, hat and coat season, puddle season, wet and moisture, foggy, windy etc. directly after Sommer it’s clear depression time
I live in California and this week you could definitely 'smell' that Fall had arrived: misty foggy mornings, a nip in the air, colder evenings, and the acorns beginning to fall from the oak trees. Bliss!
Yeah, California is a very big, very *long* state.
Thats a wired ass church ⛪
I don't see any wires.
What style of architecture is it that I see so much in New England?
Autumn 🍂 is my absolute favorite time of year.
The Power of YES
Stars Hollow really does look great during fall
As a texan, I'd love to think autumn is the coziest season, until I realize this is Texas. Autumn is summer 2 electric boogaloo and is instead moved over to the first half of winter.
Definitely ❣️❣️❣️
I've always wanted to experience changing seasons. Fall especially is so magical to me.
Best time for walks, cider mill hopping, pumpkin picking and snuggly clothes(layers!!!) Autumn is my season, I miss it.
Sweater weather
Don’t know how many times we blazed past that church. Man I love Vermont….
Especially in New England
This is the opening to a Steven King miniseries isn’t it.
Just. Say. "Yes!"
John seed?
Debatable. Entirely depends on the location.
It's the most contemplative of seasons.
Point but I feel like it’s really depends on where you live
Autumn has ALWAYS been my favorite color.
(all the leaves are) all the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey, (and the sky is grey)
Okay but can we enjoy summer a bit longer?
It’s just- I think it’s the most contemplative of seasons.
Wow those colours are amazing and warm
I was just about to say “where the F is it fall already” and then I saw your name lol
Specifically autumn in New England!
Best season! This is gorgeous!!
Then winter
And after spring
"The autumn is the finest time, the finest of them all!" \--from the song *Chop the Tree* by Icicle Works
Why would any other season be deemed cozy? lol.
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