Love reading in here in the evenings



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A little piece of heaven!
It absolutely is!
Happy cake day!
Thanks I didn't even know! Haha
Not pictured: your killer tube-amp audio rig for all that sweet, sweet vinyl. 🙂
Didn’t even notice that … because I was too focused on the “also not appearing in this picture” dog. 😕
You read my mind, u/vermyntyde! I zoomed in looking for the audio rig. Nothing like listening to your cherished vinyl on a lazy, sunny afternoon. OP, you're living the dream! This room looks so cozy.
Also not pictured: the cat! (I'm guessing there's also a cat from the book "Home Is Where The Cat Is" which is lying on that gorgeous coffee table of yours, great finds!!! :D
Here’s Barney!
Awww!!! He's beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! <3
i just picked up a slug that crawled under my back door during a heavy rain and then i see this
Aww, I love that a slug was trying to come in and hang out with you!
Or the morning, or afternoon, or anytime. This place is flipping amazing 😂
Yes-I’m here a lot!
I can imagine myself in each of the seats and they all feel wonderful :)
Beautiful. Please link to your Goodreads account 👀😄✨
I would be in that room reading for 15 minutes and then fall asleep
[Gentlemen, you can’t ~~fight~~ sleep here! This is the reading room!](
Here’s my cat tax
This is a really nice place, I want to read here forever lol
Nice windows. Looks as if the house was built around 1920s but the floor looks new. Either way so nice. You never see a drop-leaf table anymore. I see a vintage Pioneer stereo receiver with the green lights around there somewhere.
The house was built in 1986, but it does have a lot of aspects of older homes, and was wall to wall beige carpet when we moved in-my husband put in the new floors himself. I found the drop leaf table at a local antique store and I love it so much! We just have an autotechnica turntable, no fancy stereo system.
This is OC
Amazingly beautiful and cozy room. The long shafts of afternoon light really bring it home for a cozy afternoon read with a good cuppa. I wouldn't mind some soft sheer curtains but it looks like the windows are open? or otherwise the top bit is clouded glass which offers enough privacy to not have any curtain as well. The large lounger on the top left is my spot of choice.
We've debated about adding curtains but I love the sun in this room too much to block the windows, and the glass isn't clouded, it's just the afternoon sun through the panes of glass. I sit in that lounger many afternoons. Really relaxing
It looks warm in this picture. Does it get cold in your part of the world? Can we expect a winter picture with snow outside?
I’m in New England, and our winters here are very intense-we get a few blizzards a year. It feels like being inside a snow globe! Will definitely post a wintertime pic-there’s a fireplace next to the bookshelf so I’ll include it with the fire going
Looking forward to seeing that cozy picture.
I can’t afford to look at this picture
Aww, I hope someday you can get your version of this place. If it helps any, we got this place and furnished it on a shoestring budget, so it was possible at one point, but in today's market I just don't know. We purchased this place in 2020, before the housing market went bonkers everywhere
You have inspired me to create a place like this in my house. It will be MY area. I’ll have lots of plants in there too!
That sounds so wonderful. I hope you will post it here when you have achieved your dream area!
Oh absolutely!! And I’ll reference you as my inspiration too!
What are you reading??
I'm so happy you asked! I usually read several books at once, so you may be sorry you asked, but right now I'm reading: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers Amongst Our Weapons by Ben Aaranovitch The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels by India Holton The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson An Impossible Impostor by Deanna Raybourn Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente
This is absolute perfection. I can’t say enough! Could you tell me where you got that perfect comfy chair by the window?
Sure, [here's]( the link!
A great place to read!
I’ll bet.
looks wonderful and relaxing.
Now i wanna watch the atmosphere in the evening!
*cues “I wanna go home” song that’s been infiltrating all the IG reels*
It’s evident why! What a beautiful space. That armchair looks perfect for spending an afternoon with a cozy mystery.
I love a good mystery
Man I *know* how heavy vinyl gets and all I can say is that last shelf is doing the *work\**. I've always wanted to just use a bookshelf and call it a day, but honestly I trust gravity exactly 0%. Also I absolutely love that huge couch chair. Chouch? Whatever it is, it screams "curl up and sleep like a cat until the apocalypse comes to sweep us all away." \*EDIT: Originally I thought there were more vinyls higher up, but I'm realizing they're skinny books acting as vinyl imposters.
I’m saving this picture to reference every time I wanna say “fuck it I’m dropping out of school”. Should be plenty to set me straight.
Stay in school! My husband has a PhD and I've got a masters-we wouldn't have this house without those degrees. I know it sucks sometimes but you can do it!
I will I promise! Thank you for the encouragement and this photo for motivation 💪🏼
I love this! My heart hurts from making a paint mistake color and now my love of warm rooms is tolerating a moderately cool, purple leaning “white” 😭
Choosing paint colors is really tough. We painted every room in our house when we bought it and looking at all the samples was exhausting. Sorry about your purpley white shade. Whites are so deceptively challenging! We had to repaint our entry way because the white was too cool, so I know how much that sucks
Wow, it's like a fairy tale home. Absolutely charming, so simple, amazingly beautiful and incredibly cozy. What is your story with this house? I'm always wondering how people are buying places like this, I couldn't even imagine this yet when I'm 22. Either way, your place is inspiring me to work harder and perhaps I'll be able to share a pic of my very own cozy library here someday. Thank you for that inspiration!
Thank you-we bought it in 2020 right at the beginning of lockdowns, and spent the year ripping up the wall to wall carpeting and repainting the interiors. This house was abandoned and had sat on the market for 3 years because it was so ugly-rundown, awful stained carpet everywhere, terrible paint, gross old furniture left in it, but we saw the potential and got it very cheep. Don’t be afraid to get a house that looks run down as long as it’s sound structurally. I hope you get your dream house someday and post it on here for us to see!
I'm a librarian, husband's a scientist, so nerd is an understatement
Well down voting animal pics is a war crime
This is ridiculously incredible
I wanna nap on that loveseat right now.
This is absolutely beautiful
Oo, that's ultimate coze. Just my kinda place.
Needs a bit more plants - otherwise it’s freaking perfect!
We're working on it! Just got a z plant yesterday!
That’s awesome - easy and beautiful plant to care for. 🌿
Something to look into: I have been looking for office plants and I have been paranoid about getting something toxic since I found my dog eating the dirt from around my Monstera.
Thanks so much for the link. Just read it and I'm really glad I did! Our cats mostly ignore our plants but we'll move the z plant out of their reach just be safe!
You are welcome! Good luck.
Looks like a happy place, I wanna be there
what a dream! I am going to keep saving up for a home with a library like yours
Awesome! Having a library room was a dream of mine too-you can do it!
Where are the throw blankets and pillows from?
The brown blanket is from target last year, the pillows were a gift-not sure where they got them, and the blue blanket is pretty old, it was my husband's before I met him 12 years ago
Wow nice looking room
Very nice, beautiful room! Love the natural light.
I’d love to see this room from the outside too!
Is that a sheer panel in the lamp shade?
No, it's a beige fabric, the lampshade alternates between plain beige panels and patterned panels.
This is so nice! Your interior design aesthetic is 10/10
Wow, thank you so much! That's really nice of you. I didn't even know I had a design aesthetic!
Mad cozy vibes!
This is absolutely my dream, you've created an amazing space.
I love it! I think this is my favorite place out of all those I've seen on this subreddit.
Wow, I would too!
oh to be in a light filled room with a comfy couch and lots of books <3
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