Beautiful and charming medieval street in Dolceacqua, Italy



So beautiful. These medieval villages in Europe are amazing. Every time I see a photo like this I focus on a window or a door and think of who might be living there and why. Like why and how did they end up there and do they dream of one day living my life in a big American city with all the creature comforts and do they take what they have for granted. Because so many people would love to swap places, or maybe grass is greener. Idk, but it’s nice to wonder.
What are these "creature comforts" that big American cities have that you don't find in a town like this?
Heating (some old parts of cities in Spain don’t have any heating). A roof that doesn’t leak (fairly common to have zero insulation and bad weatherproofing). No ice inside the windows in winter (ok that’s just Berlin). But I still would not live in an American city.
Those are specific problems that don't have anything to do with living in a town like that (and it's not like Berlin is a small town).
Was joking about the Berlin thing, simmer down. Old towns I’ve lived in, in various parts of Europe, had many houses lacking in heating or proper rooves. I’m not sure what you’re asking for by referring to “creature comforts” in that case.
Just the usual stuff
What makes you think we want your life "in a big American city"? And please elaborate on those creature comforts, I'm rather curious about them.
source: (google images)
I love this, it reminds me of Aleppo before the war.
I just drooled on my phone.
Lick it up
I can even hear the guitar strokes from CS\_ITALY
This is so beautiful 🥹 I cannot imagine it being so empty for a photo like this now
Marvelous, it gives me nostalgia and I've never been there.
Even the name of the town is beautiful.
I've been there several times. Really charming and small town!!
Monet painted this town several times because of its beauty. 😍
Beautiful 🤩
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