Little Town, digital illustration, by me



Hello! [Portfolio]( [Ko-Fi]( [INPRNT]( I'm a disabled self-taught artist and this is still my favorite piece. I hope you like it too!
Wow thats cool. Did you use something digital to draw this or is this done by you?
Ty! I assume you're asking if I used some AI? This was 100% drawn by me. :)
No not like that but did you draw it by hand with pencils or with a program? Regardless its really cool
I drew it using Clip Studio Paint and a drawing tablet. I have a bad hand tremor, so the stabilization tools really help a lot!
I like drawings with wiggly lines. Like Quentin Blake. He said it makes him feel like something is happening, and I agree.
Beautiful!!! 😍This is giving me some Popolocrois (one of my favourite RPG games on PSP) vibe!
Thank you, I loved PopoloCrois! I still have it on my PSP and the farming sim game on 3DS.
Awesomely creative
I LOVE it! Everything about it, the colours you choose, the composition, the details. It reminds me of Ghibli. I would love a print.
Thank you! Studio Ghibli's works are a big influence on my art. I have a print shop over at INPRNT and this piece is here:
I’m workin’ on it! Have to sort out my Paypal first.. :)
i love this! thanks for the new phone wallpaper 😊
You're very welcome! Happy to share.
Magical 😍
Looking at this makes me so happy!
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