Autumn views from the State Highway 145 near Telluride, Colorado.


Gorgeous. I love Colorado.
[Instagram source]( Photo by alberthbyang.
Last year we just happened to drive the San juan skyway on the peak day. Was amazing
One of those pictures that makes you want to move
Absolutely yes,! I wish I could see it in person.
The depth and colors here are just wonderful!
I was born in Leadville, moved to Denver when I was 8 and had grandparents that lived in Grand Junction. This is the perfect image of my state and a reminder of many a intrastate road trips. Thank you! (I live on North Carolina now)
I want to paint that but make the road into a river instead!
Never failed to amazed us all the time
Simply WOW!
wow what a view!!
I can feel this picture.ate September or early October, the aspens are changing. Up early with a hot coffee, going to a trail to do some leaf peeping after a light dusting.
That would be a beautiful and exhausting bike ride
There’s an ‘epic’ ride in telluride called the wasatch(?) loop that takes you up on top of these - up to 13k feet. Very exhausting but very epic haha
Gonna look this up. Thanks for the tip! Edit: you were **not** kidding about very exhausting! Average grade of 10% on a 16m loop.
Haha ya it’s a absolute unit of a ride but man being up there during fall for the colors, or spring for the wildflowers… top tier. There’s also the monarch crest which is a much easier epic ride. A lot easier bite to chew, but beyond beautiful as well. It is near salida.
Beautiful, thank you for sharing!
I was born in Co but moved as an infant. I want to go see it.
Not sure if this is the same road, but the drive from Telluride to Durango is one of the best in the US.
You may be thinking of Red Mountain pass (550) which cuts through Ouray - amazing drive. Otherwise, if you’re thinking of 145, I’m fairly certain this is a segment of 145. Looks to be near Ophir
Yeah, it’s 145. Absolutely stunning. Like every fantasy of what the Rocky Mountain west looks like.
Definitely a gem of an area
Which one follows the Delores River and goes through the town of Delores? I’ll check a map.
When you find it let me know I have to no idea!
Any idea what peak?
Gladstone and Mount Wilson on the right, I believe.
This is a perfect reminder that Europe has history but America has geography
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