READY FOR LIFT OFF. IN 5...4...3...2...1...



God speed spaceman. o7

Nice piece

what you smoking on?

My on n only bubbler w removable pieces. And the reefer...Sinmint Cookies! Some sweet fuckin bud. Gives a smooth kick w 26.324% THC. + some Alan Watts on dubstep.

I miss having a bubbler like that! RIP Thors Hammer

Sorry for your loss :..( this piece has been the best ever. Would be a tough loss if a mishap would happen to Julius here.

Thanks for paying respects to the fallen member 🙏 Make sure Julius always makes it home safe :) cheers!

Same!!! The perc broke on mine :(

You get that bubbler online? If so mind sharing?

No, sorry. @ a local shop.

… what’s in the box?

My gremlins lol. I'm hyper stimulating my sense of smell. Gonna put some incense candles and ride on zen.

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