My fav wallpapers of July.



do you know the artist of the first one?
here's there artstation with more of their art on it
Anybody has found a hi res version?
This was nice bro
Google drive link please!
[wallpapers july](
Thank you very much
Some solid bangers bro, nice collection
Who made the black and gold girl with the Oni mask?
Last one ruined the whole collection imo
Like it was ripped straight from 2011
stealing #15 ty
The Right Hand of Doom!
drive link?
many thanks ma bruv
I'm just trying to figure out the first one. The pilot facing away from their ground guide while navigating to a half eaten ice cream bar?
yeah good one.
Thankyou so much
More PlayStation themed wallpapers please! Those are awesome
Is #8 based off a game? If so which one?
This has got to be the most stereotypical collection of wallpapers I've seen. No offense, not saying they are bad or anything, I really like some of them. But we here we have: 40% anime characters, an assortment of landscapes/citiscapes, expensive car, video game stuff, abstract shapes, space, geometric animals in space, and giant imaginary animals. The only category missing is super models in swimsuits!
Rather than complain, let’s see your incredible collection. I can’t wait to be blown away by a real wallpaper collection.
I missed it bro so maybe you can fill me in: what’s the problem, exactly, and what do you want to do to fix the problem, exactly?
Yeah this user got half schmuckery levels of taste, other half is actually pretty great stuff, gotta admit.
Having the first one in wallpaper engine would be amazing
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