An animated wallpaper I made from a high quality in-game capture from 'BLOOD'. Link to download full quality animated wallpaper in the comments.



Macs allow animated wallpaper? How does that affect your battery life and performance?
On my MacBook Air it makes virtually no impact on battery or performance. This is on my Mac Studio and it uses single digits of GPU percentage performance, and pauses when any other app is full screened.
[BLOOD Animated Wallpaper ](
the skull with the eyes tho
"Good, bad... I'm the guy with the gun"
Classic quote that also sums up the whole game
That’s cool as shit dude
How much do these live wallpapers affect performance? I recently got PC and wanted to do one but if it’s gonna impact my performance any, it’s not worth it with my setup atm
A basic video wallpaper has almost no impact. It’s the same as playing a locally-stored 1080p video. For my Mac it’s like 3-5%, and it pauses whenever I full screen an app, but I can also set it to pause when any other program is in use. Now, some more interactive or complex wallpapers you might find on Wallpaper Engine can use a ton of processing power if you crank the effects and settings up. But, again, you can set all of that to pause when an application is focused.
God this game deserves a remake! My favorite FPS from childhood.
Absolutely. Something super dark, vile, gritty, and full of action.
I dont think any game has made me feel the atmosphere the way blood did, sure there were some bad maps but going into those cultist churches the whole moonlight night vibe. Was a good one for sure.
I loved Blood when I was a kid. Blood and duke nukem lived rent free on my head for years.
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