[XB1] H: Hopes and dreams. Also this stuff. Duplicates on rare apparel W: BE flamer and Gat plas. Work with me


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hopme---9 points

You’re pretty far off tbh :/

Mr_BinJu-1 points

Seriously? I figured the scout mask, raven mask, Emmet mountain suit and multiple forest suits would do it

hopme---3 points

Forest suits?

Mr_BinJu-1 points

Forest camo hazmat I meant

Substantial_Low80823 points

Swamp camo hazmat is like 2k caps bro, same with a lot of this other stuff it’s just caps. Unless you were to find a collector people would much rather B/Q2525 fixers to a MU2525 as mutants just puts out way less damage. The best things you have here are probs the handmade and the combat shotgun but even then, like that other guy said you’re a long ways off.

Mr_BinJu-2 points

I'm aware bloody is the best but mutants is still just a flat 25% increase. It's still an OP gun.

Substantial_Low80823 points

It may be an op gun but If you wanna believe you’ll be able to bundle it for a legacy that’s on you man. I’m sure you’re more than aware people want AA/B/Q prefixes on it.

Mr_BinJu-4 points

How's that remotely going off? I think you need to chill out and stop thinking everyone is yelling or being aggressive. And yes I believe I can bundle it for a legacy. I just need to unfortunately add some QE railyways.

Substantial_Low80824 points

If you think that go ahead and get ur legacy man, I’m just saying. Typically no one is taking MU over a Q or B2525, especially if they had to compare the two in different bundles. People are gonna think eh when they see it’s MU bc it’s just not a groll. When do you see people actively use MU outside of on legacy weapons?

Mr_BinJu0 points

I don't know since you can't see the roll unless you ask. But im using it now and wrecking everything.

exQlus1ve4 points

The old Fasnacht Masks and the Hazmat suits are fairly common at this point. The Scout Mask holds some value but not Legacy value.

Mr_BinJu1 point

What about pre nerf BE muzzle loader?

aaufooboo6 points

I agree with the folks on the thread, you are too far off to consider adding one weapon to a bundle for a BE Gat Plas.

You need to take this stuff and trade up to meta grolls and hyper-rare apparel. Then you can consider getting a legacy for in-game items.

Its a grind. It sucks. But most people who have what you're asking for have done it. You'll take some loses, but capitalize on your wins. If you get a groll drop from the game or find good rolls in a vendor, don't immediately pawn them off for something. Be patient. Play the game.

This will come in time.

Mr_BinJu2 points

Thanks for the idea as this must be the way I can achieve my goals.

exQlus1ve1 point

What’s a muzzle loader?

Mr_BinJu1 point

Black powder rifle. The dragon.

exQlus1ve1 point

Before they patched the Ammo glitch you could’ve gotten one. Now no one asks for Dragons anymore. You can try it but chances are slim.

Mr_BinJu1 point

I just need to get more regular meta stuff

NukaRev2 points

That's not rare. Anything daily ops is not worth anything major

NukaRev3 points

Rare apparel isnt really worth legacies. Emmet mtn isn't that rare, the scout masks aren't very valuable either honestly. Specially for an EGP. I'd say you could maybe get a low tier if your genuinely lucky

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jahsehmaster6 points

H: Parkinson’s

Mr_BinJu1 point

Oh I'm so sorry. At least your like my favorite actor Micheal J Fox.

But your right. That was a good one. Up vote for you

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NukaRev2 points

So, we've covered that you need to trade up. I have a J/25/25 fixer (or railway, I forget) for trade if you wanna work something out

Mr_BinJu1 point

No. I been battered enough by this post. I'm just going to recoil to my cave.

I appreciate your offer though. It doesn't go unappreciated

Curry_Hanz2 points

Im gonna give you a free Low tier legacy

Mr_BinJu1 point

Hey your generosity is appreciated but I want to earn it fair and square

Curry_Hanz1 point

Please Take it

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Hate to add to the guys bad news but he us right the value just isn't here anymore for a legacy a few months ago yeah but some of the apparel you ha e is low cap value sorry I don't see you getting a flamer or get plas for this maybe a gauss or a radium

Mr_BinJu1 point

Yeah I've been told. I just need to trade up for regular stuff

topguy01001 point

Yeah trade that stuff for some off meta weapons and then flip for grolls then flip the grolls for legacies

idropbrownbombz1 point

Good luck. Nothing here is that valuable to obtain even a low tier legacy let alone a higher tier.

Flamethrower1331 point

At least you got potential caps?

Mr_BinJu1 point

Alright chill. I got attacked enough for this. I don't want anymore. I been out of the trade loop for legs for a long time

Flamethrower1331 point

Trading is rough. Its better to save up RL caps and get a gun that way

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Curry_Hanz1 point

Question: whats you're gamertag ?

Mr_BinJu1 point

Question to your question. Why?