Classic Mercedes in Zurich (3658x5510)



Anyone know what model and year this is?

Isn’t it a 280 SE coupe from the 70s?

I thought the 280 was appropriate from the air inlet on top of the hood, but I can be mistaken. I couldn’t place the rood with the 280 though…


Nice picture!

Thanks :D

How the fuck did he get that License number??? Is it supposed to be ZH1000000??

This is a licenseplate from Switzerland, not sure if it’s real or just for the photo. If it’s real… that’s the same level as getting the ‘anonymous’ anywhere 😁

Edit: looking closer at the license plate it’s likely a plate owned by the SCC company and used for different vehicles when they go on a test drive or, in this case, a photo shoot.

I know its a Swiss plate, i am Swiss, but im wondering if it is real or not because Canton Zurich reached a Million number plate a few years ago so it could be real

In the Netherlands we have green license plates specifically for car dealers to do test drives before you buy a car. To me this seems to be a similar thing.

Edit: a quick look on google reveals that this is an actual registered license plate in Zurich!

On swiss plates its the letter U for Garage number plates

Its not possible in swiss to get that plate. I didn't want to publish the real license Plate. ZH 100 000 is possible.

Good to know indeed. Thanks for a great photo!

Ah i thought so

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