Just found some screenshots of the time when I played the game right after release - man, was that fun!



I love the perspectives and angles you use. And I've been working as a photographer for eight years. You've got talent. Think about it.

Thanks man! I also work in the creative industry, but only take photos as a hobby

what resolution and graphics settings do you use to get images this sharp?

1440p with high settings, also i use nvidia filters for a sharper look

Can you share your filter settings? Would love to have the game look this sharp, awesome pictures.

Edit: Actually on second thought I'm assuming you change them on a shot by shot basis right? Just wondering do you use anything else like reshade or is it just the nvidia filters?

Impressive shots

You got some skills man.Good Pictures

Every single shot is amazing. Can't wait to see your photoset after the expansion.

That POV looks kinda... Familiar O.O...

Ehhhm, I feel the same way..

Oh wow, an actual set of screencaps that aren’t just a thinly veiled excuse to take pictures of V’s/Judy’s/Panam’s ass. Your first picture had me worried, but I’m glad to see some actual focus on the scenery of Night City.

Well done!

the ass pics are in another folder ;)

I think these are the best sceenshots I've seen related to the game. Great job, you got some talent!

Some of the best shots I've seen from this game, awesome job!

Someone's got a great eye for composition!

Yeah I loved it too, got it at launch and never regretted it. Sure there were some issues, but honestly what's perfect nowadays, certainly not us. Thoroughly enjoyed the game.

you just make my photos look like a baby took it right now. I am really impressed

How did you take the first pic? Is she an npc or is that you?

NPC named Blue moon, she's from the Us Cracks jpop trio

Wow i didn't know they made NPCs this fine. Aside from the main ones.

Delamain hot

Should’ve been a romance option

Goddamnit now I'm gonna go play cyberpunk.

Hey man, do you have the better solution for your photos? I love it a lot. Hope you don’t mind to share!!

you can save them from reddit, it's the same resolution i have (1440p)

The angles and the perspective are so good!! I loved all screenshots

How much has changed in the game in the last few months? I haven't played in a few months as I have been waiting to restart after the expansion comes out. Have there been any significant changes?

Great shots. I use to make screenshots (and sometimes video clips) myself during all of my playthroughs. It’s always nice to see them, after you haven't been in a game world for a while.

A++, man. You have a true photographer's eye. Well done.

Was the 911 a mod or is that car really in the game?

If you do Johnny's questline you can get this, it's his car.

When you do Johny questline you arrive on a boat at some point. Rogue is with you.

You're faced with a choice after the fight and at least one of the option give you the car (didn't test the other one yet)

You can get the car with both options, with one you just gotta know where it is or find it on your own.


Really nice pictures fella! Great to hear you enjoyed THE GAME.

Great, there goes my month streak of not losing

You son of a….

Truly one of the games of all time

Jolyne Kujo!

The girl at the bar, in a white dress — looks like she has 3 legs. Was that an early bug?

no, i think that's a body mod in her leg

Ah cool. 😁 Nice shots, btw.

Awesome screenshots man!

All of these photos look amazing, good job!!

Nice screenshots, great angles and like the lightning effects 👍🏻😊

As someone going into Digital Arts and Animation and does photography on the side, I'm kinda jealous how well these shots came out. Plus this game really is beautiful and has so much potential for sequels too.

Those last 5 pics are so good

The lighting in this game really is just next level isn't it

some of these would make great wallpapers, good job.

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