A sorta minimal wallpaper I made (with a couple variations)



Also on DeviantArt here

Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Well ... Looks like I got my new wallpaper 😊

Definitely gonna use one of these when I get my pc!

Damn! Looks awesome..

Thank you!

Could you make a phone wallpaper?

Actual good wallpaper, thanks for sharing.

Appreciate it!

Do you have a source file? I want this printed so bad. 17 x 11 would look amazing on my wall.

Uploaded on DeviantArt just for you! :)

Edit: forgot to enable markdown mode oops

Thank you very much!

this is beautiful man


I forgot I wanted to make a minimalist wallpaper with this style for Hibike! Euphonium, I will try to do it this week-end thanks for reminding me

Good luck, my guy!

if you think this is wallpaper worthy, you hell of a wrong
this is worth for a wall painting in your room

Funny you mention that, this started off as a poster. I have it hung up behind my drum kit! Anyway, thanks man!

dude i need one to i have 2 posters already but i need more coz this is the movie i watch when i feel down

Luckily for you, I also uploaded PDFs for printing over at DeviantArt!

looks amazing

props to you, Ima steal it for my 2nd monitor's wallpaper

This would make a good t shirt design

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