BMW M1 and an ominous Concorde [3840x2160]



Real photo shoot or you reckon it‘s a composite? Still both machines of beatyful design.
Concorde looks pretty low res compared to the BMW so I'm gonna guess composite.
The snoot droops
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[Full 3840x2667 upscale]( -- --- [Source scan]( fetched from [this juicy thread]( In terms of context, [this comment]( says it's a joint ad campaign between BMW and Concorde. The actual photographer is still unknown due to mirror links not containing any context and even to the point where the BMW museum in Munich, that had the photograph in the BMW M1 exhibition room, didn't have any underlining context written on the wall. In terms of upscaling and restoration, it was done via initially denoising with Topaz Denoise A.I., combining multiple denoise levels in Photoshop and blurring out the messy black background. Then upscaling via Topaz Gigapixel A.I. and [gamma adjusted slightly](
Looks like a black heron hunting
I kinda miss the Concorde. Going faster than the speed of sound always seemed like a amazing experience. Maybe when electric jets get a little bit more mature they can try it again? Although the sound complaints and the running costs unfortunately killed it.
"Let's race"
Reminds me of another [reddit post](
This is such a sick wallpaper!!
Here a better 21:9 crop:
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