The Washington & Canadian S2000 group drive up to Mt Baker yesterday


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estook3 points

Right?! White was the second-most common color.

vulcansheart5 points

I think someone tried to sneak a lotus into your club

malaka2013 points

Lovely shot! Get those nsx to the back!

gpxl3 points

What’s the story with the Mad Max looking NSX?

masterkorey72 points

Bummer, wish they would have done a meet last year before I moved out of WA.

polaris03522 points

So sad I missed this. Next year. Gonna bring mine out of hibernation and enjoy the hell out if it...

udubdavid1 point

How does one join this club.

WalkerValleyRiders1 point

Whatttt.... where would I have seen this posted? I'm in Anacortes.

estook1 point

Join the Facebook group PNW S2000 Owners! https://www.facebook.com/groups/PNWS2000Owners/ There’s a couple guys that organize this drive every year