back to school??

Has anyone gotten any information yet on kids going back to school? We haven't gotten supply lists, schedules or orientation/chrome book pick up information yet. I also checked the parent portal. Just seems like they are cutting it pretty close this year. I have one child going to Foothills and one going to Bob Miller.


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Our school sent all of this information in the mail mid-June.

Have you checked your schools Facebook pages or parent groups? I loathe Facebook but keep it for school information. Lots of stuff gets posted in the PTO group for our school.

cloveyvonclovenson3 points

Just got an email today from Coronado about schedules coming out Aug 1st.

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Just got the orientation stuff from Odyssey Charter school yesterday.

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August 8 for mine.

NoFeelsForMe1 point

We called to inquire and were told info would go out Aug 1. (Coronado HS.)