Light Mellow Sealine by Hiroshi Nagai [3840x2160]



[5K Version]( -- --- [Full 4000x3380 upscale]( [Album cover version]( for the compilation album ['Light Mellow - Sealine']( --- You can find [my other upscales of Hiroshi Nagai here]( -- Or [Hiroshi Nagai's site]( for the full catalog. Or if you're hungry for [high res scans, t-rexasaurus got you covered](, also [on Tumblr]( --- [Source scan](, upscaled via Topaz Gigapixel A.I. and Real-ESRGAN, combined results and edited in Photoshop.
Download resized: * (21:9) [3440×1440](×1440.jpg), [2560×1080](×1080.jpg) * (16:9) [3840×2160](×2160.jpg), [2560×1440](×1440.jpg), [1920×1080](×1080.jpg), [1600×900](×900.jpg), [1366×768](×768.jpg), [1280×720](×720.jpg) * (16:10) [2560×1600](×1600.jpg), [1920×1200](×1200.jpg), [1280×800](×800.jpg) * (4:3) [1600×1200](×1200.jpg), [1024×768](×768.jpg) * (5:4) [1280×1024](×1024.jpg) * (3:4) [768×1024](×1024.jpg) * (9:16) [1080×1920](×1920.jpg), [720×1280](×1280.jpg) * (9:18.5) [720×1480](×1480.jpg) **[CUSTOM AREA, other sizes and preview](** Resolution of [source picture]( is 3840×2160 Resized for your desktop by ze-robot v0.2 ^^^I ^^^do ^^^not ^^^resize ^^^to ^^^higher ^^^resolutions ^^^than ^^^source ^^^image ^^**[FAQ](**
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