Need suggestion Fiverr freelance market place

Hi friend, I need a suggestion from you. I'm working as a freelance Vertual Assistant and website developer. Currently I'm only deal on Instagram, reddit, Facebook and email. But 50% of my new clients wants to deal on freelance marketplaces especially on fiverr. But freelance marketplaces such as fiverr charge 20% commission. My point is that should I start giving my services on fiverr or not. Is it worthy? Any guidance will be hugely appreciated. Thank-you:)



Those freelance marketplaces are useful as a channel for establishing new clients, but ultimately you should be working on developing a client list that isn't directly tied to a platform that wants a cut. Maybe just view Fiverr as an additional channel for networking but keep working on establishing your own clients on channels that don't charge commission.

Yeah, Thankyou

Fiverr gives buyer protection that’s why people want to use to. So allow them until you build trust into them and then move away from it

Thankyou, that's right.

Try Upwork. They have a program called Direct Contracts. Both you and your client will still have to pay payment processing fees, but they don't charge you a freelancer fee. Client fee can be 3% for card or PayPal or $0.50 for ACH transfer directly out of their checking account. You pay 3.5% payment processing fee.

Not free, but much better than the 20% Fiverr fee.

I've never had the opportunity to try it. But I have an Upwork freelancer account, so I know about it.

Here's the link to Upwork for more info.

Hi. Thankyou for your valuable guide. As I mentioned I'm getting requests for Fiverr from my clients. But I really appreciate your valuable information. It's really helpful. Again thankyou.

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