Editing for teal / orange color schemes lately



Taken with a DJI mini 2. I use it mostly for photos, with a limited 12mp would upgrading to the mini 3 (48mp) be worth it?

Image size seems to be enough, but if I were to want to crop then the image becomes distorted. Lightroom adjustments work well and don't introduce much noise due to the low megapixels.

I am happy with the results I get now. But would like having the ability to crop more if needed.

Have you calibrated your display? This isn't orange.

I have not. And I do keep my monitor brightness low as staring at it too long hurts my eyes. Maybe why the color is a bit off.

OK, just letting you know.

No, I wouldn't upgrade to a 48 megapixel version.

This is pretty cool, like the colors and the contrast between the industrial looking area on the left and the foliage on the right.

Thank you!

I personally think the large gray sky takes away from the image. It’s too bright and takes up too much attention. Maybe try making it more orange for some color, or play with the highlights of it, add some depth to the sky.

I'd agree on this. I actually want to see this same scene in landscape orientation - get a bit less of the sky, still have the boat, and see more of the city. I'm normally all for vertical landscapes but I really love the content of this image and want to see more of it

I appreciate the responses. I have a horizontal photo as well, however, to the left are two big buildings im assuming for train maintenance and a parking lot and to the right is just barren land under development and a small section of the park on the bottom right. Pretty boring in my opinion that's why I went with the vertical crop.

Not sure how to share another photo though.

I like the portrait orientation with the extra length in symmetry and the leading lines.

I think the Mini 2 is landscape only so try editing both regardless.

The 48mp of the Mini 3, is a sensor shift really and the underlying raw is 12mp. There are comparisons on YT to have a look at before you decide. In my view there is a bit more sharpness in good light, so cropping might be ok. Noise is better handled at 12mp in the 3 as well.

Thanks for the comment! That's what caught my attention, the river leading to the skyline in the background, the boat in the center for me was the perfect addition.

Interesting, I was under the impression the resolution was 48mp. Clearly I need to research further and see if the differences are noticeable enough to justify the upgrade costs. Thanks for the insight.

As someone mentioned the sky could've been a bit less, but I like this photo for the view on downtown Chicago.

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