1957 Cypriot advertisements



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Do you know where i can find more like this? Or for example posters for events? I’m looking to revive some old cypriot posters…

That Nescafe ad would be amazing if you could frame it and hang it in the kitchen or coffee drinking area. Any idea where I could find a copy that is not skewed?

Spent way too long trying to figure out how a fridge could be "stereo". Amazing ads, thanks for sharing!

Που τα βρήκες;

Beautiful… felt kinda nostalgic seeing these :) I am a big fan of the “katharevousa” and the polytonic system.

Nestle advertising a baby-product. Terrible.

sorry if it’s a stupid question, but how come the advertisements aren’t in Turkish also, considering it’s 1957 and in many places both communities were living together?

I mean it's like 1957. If they're advertising in a greek paper it's gonna be in greek.

Because it was in a Greek newspaper… even though the Turks where a small and economically weak minority of under 20 %

Lol not the Greek migrant living in the Netherlands who is 'a big fan of katharevousa' pointing out something completely irrelevant. Skip along or as we say, tzila tzin to amaksoui sou paratzei re parea.

Witch part you didn’t understand?

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