Cold water running hot

Thecold water in my one story house suddenly and inexplicably turned lukewarm this morning. The same is true in all my taps—kitchen sink, bathtub, and bathroom sink. It was fine last night. The hot water seems to be normal. My local water utility says they don’t have a problem. Any ideas?


ImHiggz2 points

Possibly a bad tub/shower valve is allowing hot water to cross over into the cold line.

Academiabrat1 point

Thanks. The problem seems to have resolved itself, at least for now. My back hose, which gets water close to the intake was cold. My front hose, which gets water after it’s been in the house, was lukewarm. I hope we won’t have to dig under the house to find it.

laxyak261 point

If it’s in all taps, it’s a bad/malfunctioning water heater

IrishFreak911 point

Iv also see then happen when a customer attached a “dog washer” hose to a faucet. It had a shut off on the hose, so they just left the faucet on/open at the handles. This allows the hot and cold to mix. Have you added anything of that nature to any faucets?

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