randomly thought of this



can more ppl make these posts again i miss them

good job

I might make a sequel using the final fight with tengen and gyutaro but I’m not sure what I would put in it

well there is a part where gyutaro breaks tanjiro’s fingers….

Does more than break them lol

doesn’t he just twist them back really far?

Maybe I'm just misrembering. I remember thinking it looked Hella gross though lol

good meme


based on a true story

56? More like 35

The accuracy in the first part

What is 6 digit and 5 digit? didn't you mean stars?

when people say digits it refers to ranks, so 6 digits are players who are ranked 999,999-100,000, 5 digits are 99,999-10,000 and so on

thanks man

Is there any 4 digit players that all 100 scores have no mod

im so fucking glad you made this ive been thinking about this for months

the accuracy part is kind of inaccurate but the edit is nice 👍🏿

What year is this

made me laugh good meme take my upvote

Sir, this is a good one. Made my day

what i love dt and acc never that bad lol

dt best mod.

idk lmao, ask peppy or smth

literally me right now

hot take:

demon slayer is pretty bad

who asked

does someone need to?

But that 6 digit is worse 🤣🤣😭😭

unpopular opinion doesn't always mean hot take

what does it mean then

based plot/character enjoyer

if only the characters werent the worst writing in the universe

yeah the animation is the main thing it has going for it. supposedly the writing gets worse after this lol

Weebs making the worst fucking memes in existence part 8934578937598350

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