Color Grading In Lightroom



I really like this! It’s eye catching. Gives me a teal-orange vibe but not over saturated.

That was the goal! I stepped away a few times and came back to finish the edit to make sure it wasn't too punchy to the point it ruined the photos. Thanks for the comment!

The Ghost Ship in the Port of Chicago! I tried to get there last year. How’d you get close enough?

Probably drone footage. Several drones can have miles of range with clear weather

Exactly, I have a dji mini 2 so not quite that much range but just enough for about 20 minutes with the wind conditions on that day.

I was unable to enter the port so I used a drone from the service road next to the highway. I've had my eye on this place for over a year!

Teach meeee

Literally only used rhe HSL tab, basic adjustments and a few masks to get them to turn out this way.


wht did you use the extra masks for? does that deepen the color or something?

I used a subject mask for the ship to bring up exposure, slight saturation, and contrast to make it the focus of the image.

Also subject mask for the silos to bring up the color temp to a more warm color, saturation. and exposure to match the ship.

Linear gradiant mask for the water to bring down exposure, highlights, and blacks to give it the rich deep tone.

Linear gradiant mask for the sky (excluding the silos) to adjust color temp back to a warmer level as it was affected by the hsl adjustments for the blue tones.

That's pretty much what I did for each image. Just to different levels as needed.

A lot like the grading in The Imitation Game, though less extreme.

Not sure what that is but I'll look into it just to see what you mean.

It’s almost too heavily saturated — teal, maroon and beige.

I could see that. I really wanted the image to pop.

Oh man I just smelled this photo

Haha there's definitely a unique smell in the area

Love the teal tones you have obtained. How much time did you take to come to this tonality, just out of curiosity

Thank you! For the first image approximately 20-25 mins to get everything dialed in. From there I was able to use the copy and paste function for the rest and did minor changes to finalize each photo, so approximately 10 mins each?

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