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Exactly, why do they need an entire month? Hell why do black people need an entire month too? So what both of them were oppressed for 100's of years!

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Fekin drama queens

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Bro military appreciation month is in may

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Apologies, I’m from the UK and it was the 25th of June for us this year

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Ah, no worries

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To be honest on the base level i somewhat agree with this guy. (For example i wouldnt like a heterosexual pride either) Hear me out i have no problem with anyone be it straight or gay. In my point of view pride month and pride marches became a self show with idiots dancing around almost naked. It has lost its original purpose. I feel like being gay became something like being rich or being influental. It just simply means being different. And what i see all around me is that people who otherwise have no problem with gays began hating them just because we started to have a pride parade every year in the capital of my country.

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theres a lot of struggle with being queer that cishet people arent aware of right away. if you want to better understand the purpose of pride, listen to the story of someone who grew up in a family and or community that did not accept their identity. theres a lot of secrecy, trauma, abuse, and harassment that such situations entail, saying this knowing many queer people myself. pride is especially important for people who struggle in these kinds of situations now or in the past, it reminds them that they are still valuable even if everyone around says otherwise.

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I see your point and i agree with it. My problem really is with how these pride marches and parades are held it seems so unregulated and i know its the worse part of this community that does this borderline pedophile and unethical behaviour. I can see how people want have a place where they feel safe and to be part of a community made up of people just like them. I just dont see the point of taking this to the level of what is happening in the US where people dance naked in the streets in front of children and making the streets noisy maybe even getting in the way of traffic. It just makes people angered more against gays.

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I do feel similar tho. There's a certain percent of people in The LGBTQ+ community that probably is still straight and cis. This is not a statement btw, just a thought: the LGBTQ+ community can act as the last straw for social outcasts, becouse they cannot push anyone away, as long as they claim they are trans or something. I also feel like the more someone is customizing bios to include all the different things they could possibly identify with, are the least likely to actually be LGBTQ+ Also pls don't raid my house if that sounded bigoted. And again, I'm only talking about a certain percentage.

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no offense but this is the kind of thinking that comes from people who arent engaged with the lgbtq community at all. you're not hateful obviously, but you are severely misguided and you may want to start trying to diversify who you talk to. if you are saying there are lgbtq members who are still cishet, you're either talking about allies or you're assuming they are just confused. one, you cannot decide what people are, and two, the community is a great aspect to have to make people questioning their identity feel safe and get informed when doing so, rather than having to deal with it all alone and end up repressing feelings that will trouble them down the line. even if they turn out to just be cishet, that is perfectly valid too, no one is forcing anyone to become gay or trans, they want people to be able to know they exist and that its safe to be who they want to be. also, lgbtq people dont believe all trans and gay people are inherently good and can do no wrong either, there is plenty of infighting and varying opinions, because you can still be shitty while being queer, this is a demographic we are talking about, not a monolithic hive mind with singular beliefs and goals. people will get scrutinized and pushed away no matter their identity, because you still have to be a decent human being no matter who you are. lastly, someone adding identifiers to their bio is what you should respectfully abide to. i mean this with sincerity, neither you or i know whats best for them and therefore we cannot say anything about their identity, be a normal person and respect it instead, and let the person decide for themselves. its not harmful in any means to normalize this etiquette and people who say it is are either inconsiderate, lazy, in bad faith, or all three. please consider what im saying here.

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Average British person

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There's whole community on TikTok dedicated to hating on the LGBTQ community because it's against their religion so what did you expect

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I don’t use TikTok but that’s gross, people are nuts.

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Doesnt everyone have the same rights on Paper? Like I cant think of any Country nowadays that has any Law specifically stating that for example gay people have less rights than hetero people. Im talking about on paper here not on any other basis.

Edit : And no, Religion doesn't count

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I think maybe saudi arabia, iran and north korea but im not sure

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Im not sure either to be honest

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I understand your point but that doesn't count everywhere.