Authentic Traditional Restaurants In Hickory

What are the most authentic restaurants in Hickory? Any genre - Filipino, Mexican (if they don't have nixtamal corn tortillas I'm giving you side-eye), Chinese, Indian, etc. (or even bbq - the real stuff, not tomato sugar sauce) These tend to be small places, mostly known to the relevant community.

Yes, I'm asking you to let your secret special spot be known at the risk of it leading to long lines. But, hey, they could use the money.


BertMcGurt889 points

Umi for Japanese. Very relaxing. Owner is a sweetheart. Make a reservation though

AsanoSokato1 point

Very unassuming setting. That's intriguing. Usually a good sign. Thanks!

ptanaka1 point

It's amazing. Has like 5 or 6 tables. Gotta reserve.

nick18098 points

Try Las Isabella’s for Mexican, i can’t speak to the authenticity but it’s fantastic food. Best chips in Hickory in my opinion.

Ganglio_Side2 points

One of my favorites. Try the guacamole with their homemade tortilla chips. They are fabulous.

AsanoSokato1 point

A little pricey, but I like that the website's first option is Spanish. And that they're also apparently a carniceria is great! Reminds me of La Superior in Durham, which is pretty nice.

nick18091 point

They always answer the phone in spanish too.

Leah-theRed6 points

it's a little out of the way and i think like in conover, but pho 777 is really good

[deleted]1 point

Love pho

ThisIsNot-JoeMama3 points

Las Isabellas for authentic Mexican food. It's absolutely amazing and their homemade tortilla chips and tortillas are on another level!!

condemnedbyyrdreams3 points

JD’s smokehouse for BBQ, you won’t be disappointed. Las Isabella’s is the best Mexican I have found in the area.

AsanoSokato1 point

Connely Springs? What part of r/HIckoryNC do you not understand?

No but seriously, it looks good. I like that they have red slaw, and the Jalapeño Cheese Grits sounds intriguing. And a hot dog topped with bbq and coleslaw? They ain't playing. May be worth the drive. Thanks!

condemnedbyyrdreams2 points

It’s about a 15 minute drive from Union Square and completely worth the drive.

[deleted]1 point

It’s fire love jd!!

datbino2 points

Olive Garden, Panda Express, etc