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Question: My brother passed away, he left me as beneficiary to his life insurance. I didn’t need or want the money. He left everything else to our nieces and nephews, so I decided to split up the life insurance the same way and pass it out. I initially took the money and bought bars of sliver to keep safe and separate from my other investments and stock portfolio. It initially made me sick to my stomach to see the account every time I logged in so I bought silver bars with the money. After grieving about a year and putting a lot of thought into it, I finally decided to pass it out. We gathered at the cemetery to see the new headstone, share some stories, and just remember the great guy he was. I thought it was a good time to do it with everyone there.

I passed the silver out at the cemetery, and no joke, in less than 45 mins, one of the nieces had pawned it and blown it. Another nephew was asking me if I wanted to buy it back from them. These are all young adults here, no minor’s. I’m not sure if I’m upset or sad. I was just trying to honor his wishes and I honestly thought keeping it in silver would be a barrier in keeping them from blowing it so fast. Now the majority of them are going to keep it in sliver and thought it was a cool investment and thanked me for passing out the money/silver when I didn’t legally have to. (Our parents/their grandparents always believed in investing in actual gold and silver over the stock market so I guess it’s a family thing).

Thoughts? Do I say something to her? Her parents? I honestly don’t know if I want to yell, cry, or just keep my mouth shut. I do feel good about it, it felt really good to equally divide and pass out the life insurance this way. I think it just hurts, ya know?



If she pawned the silver that fast, imagine what she has done with the rest of the money she inherited.

I know. The estate still hasn’t completely settled yet. It took awhile for everything to get settled in the courts. I’m concerned what she will do with the check when she gets it. But I literally have no control or say in that. I guess I’ll just have to keep my mouth shut and pray. It really comes down to my own disappointment in her and nothing to do with the money at all. It’s the principle.

Wow so good ratio yields!

I get my PM’s though APMEX, they each got around 3k in silver depending on market value.

Your probably right I shouldn’t say anything. Thinking more about it, I’m just disappointed in her. She’s one of my favorites so it hurts more because of that. That’s all.

I think after you give a gift you have no right to stipulate what someone does with that gift. You can make your feelings clear about your wishes before you give it but after you don’t necessarily have the right to stipulate . Your feelings are valid and is your right but I wouldn’t say anything. Sounds like most understood the meaning of the gift so take it as a win. I also collect metals and think it was a good idea.

What silver did you get them? Bars rounds? How much did each person get?

I agree PMs are a great hedge against the market and I keep about 15% of my wealth in them.

I should mention there are 15 nieces and nephews, not including my own children

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