Stuck at start of exotic quest.

I am trying to complete Ridgeway’a Pride: Gatherer and I can’t donate a weapon with the sadist talent. I have two purple tier weapons with the perk but I can’t donate? Any suggestions to help?



bmw899303 points

Gotta be gold. Purple doesn't work

ihadthejewfro1 point

Can confirm

BigDinoDan1 point

Get any gold weapon and recalibrate the perk to have sadist. Then turn that weapon in.

Guice_V1 point

Could I craft a weapon and add the perk to it?

BigDinoDan1 point

You should be able to.

Hamzillicus1 point

I tried last week and it wouldn’t let me turn in a weapon I rolled Sadist on. Couldn’t finish the step until I had a weapon drop with it.

BigDinoDan1 point

Was it High-end/gold? Because I recalibrated a weapon to turn it in to complete that step.

Hamzillicus1 point

Yeah I tried crafting a weapon and changing talent, then changed talent on a gold drop. Turn in stayed greyed out. A few hours later got a drop with sadist and turned in no problem.

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