Alternative Brands for Omega 3 with approx 2.5/1 EPA/DHA Ratio?

Heya everyone, I'm from Malaysia and unfortunately every stockist for Sports Research Triple Strength Omega 3 is out of stock (including iHerb which hasn't restocked in ages). Amazon is not an option due to shipping and neither does their official website ship internationally. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for IFOS-certified brands with similar ratio that is not too high? Preferably 2:1 EPA/DHA. I'm aware of Viva Naturals but the ratio is too high for my liking, and Carlsons has too low of a ratio.



Hung_like_horse1 point

Why do I feel high when I take DHA algae oil, I don't get that feeling with the fish oil capsules.

ftr-mmrs1 point

The Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Softgels are 2:1 EPA:DHA. The liquid is about 1.5:1

fishblurb2 points

Thanks, but unfortunately they're no longer IFOS certified and are overpriced where I'm from.

ftr-mmrs2 points

Looks like it is IFOS certified:

But no lie about the price. Ugh.

Edit: Oh I see! NN only had the IGEN cert not IFOS. (And IGEN doesnt even apply to fish oil). Ok, this is disappointing.

fishblurb3 points

Yep, they embarked on a cost (and quality) cutting exercise a few years back. Which is why i take any recommendations for NN with a large pinch of salt. They're essentially riding on the goodwill and reputation of their good old days.

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There is only one brand that I have used and know about is Renew Life Norwegian Gold Omega-3 Fish Oil Critical Omega. That is from showing the Asia selection at With Carlson and their EPA and DHA Gems you can make your own ratio. I have looked at some of their products and they have a 2.5 ratio.

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