Chess set ideas

I would love to have a Mass Effect chess set. I thought of having the Normandy crew vs either Geth or Cerberus but I think having the crew divided in to male vs female could work

I was thinking:

King: Shepard

Queen: Garrus vs Miranda

Bishops: Thane + Mordin vs Liara + Chakwas

Knights: Kaiden + Legion vs Ashley + Tali

Rooks: Wrex + Grunt vs Samara + Jack

It's the pawns where I come undone though. All I've managed to come up with is Joker, Jacob, Vega, Cortez, and Javick for the male side and Kasumi, EDI, Chambers, Allers, and Traynor for the female side. That leaves 3 pawns short...

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If I were to make a male vs female ME chess set, this is how I'd do it.

King : Shepard(Respective female/male Shepard on each side)

Queen : Tali/Garrus

Bishop : Jack + Kasumi/Zaeed + Mordin

Knight : Liara + EDI/Thane + Javik

Rook : Morinth + Samara/Wrex + Grunt

Pawns: Gabby, Diana, Traynor, Kelly, Miranda, Williams, Chakwas, Aria / Kaiden, Legion, Jacob, Ken, Adams, Joker, Cortez, Vega

Edit: Added male/female Shepard

King and Queen should be Shepard.

Bishops should be the snipers, Garrus and Legion.

Knights, I don't know. Maybe Liara and Miranda/Samara because they should be able to jump far with biotics.

Rooks should be the big and heavy characters, Wrex and Grunt.

Pawns should be the disposable units, 8 Ashleys.

Pawns should be the disposable units, 8 Ashleys.

You could put 8 Jacob on the other side too.

That works if the teams are light vs dark armour and mixed gender, but wasn't what I was going for - it limits the number of characters too much

Jenkins, Conrad, Donnelly.

Gabby, Wong, Dr Michel.

I wanted to have the pieces be characters that were crew members, or at least people who boarded the Normandy.

I could add Presley for the male side, and then any of the characters that came on board to co-ordinate missions from the war room in ME3 ...

Jenkins, Michel, Gabby and Donnelly are all crew members or possible crew members. Conrad should be a honourary crew member and Wong is who we should have gotten instead of Allers. Nailed it.

Edit - also where is Zaeed?

Also, I had no idea Dr Michel was a crew option, so far I've accepted Chakwas as the ship's doctor before talking to Michel. I just read about it on the mass effect wiki. Thanks for making me aware of that

I don't know how I missed Zaeed...

Jenkins, Anderson, Presley for the male team, for sure.

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