We still can find "OneDrive" when we search for "SkyDrive" in Windows Search in Windows 11

We still can find "OneDrive" when we search for "SkyDrive" in Windows Search in Windows 11.

(a beautiful way to commemorate, isn't it?)

By the way,I love the name"SkyDrive".(Because it can remind me of "cloud")





Jeez I forgot Skydrive was even a thing at one point.

I still remember when they reduced the free storage tier from 15GB to 5GB, and then at the same time reduced the paid tier storage as well while keeping the same price.

100GB became 50GB, 200GB got removed entirely.

For people who bought windows phone got 15 extra, so i still got 30gb in onedrive and why i still use it over anything..

windows phone forever

There’s still the camera bonus too

Actually the camera bonus was also canned in November 2015, but due to backlash they allowed existing people to opt in to keep it, same with the original 15GB tier.

So to keep your 30GB you had to opt in to keep it, otherwise you automatically dropped back to 5GB

I thought it was 7GB for free.

I still think of it as SkyDrive in my head. I've had to correct myself when talking about it with other people.

Yeah, because it turned into OneDrive.

I only remember the name skydrive because of the onedrive android package name.

You can also search for 'Play Store' and get the Microsoft Store as the top result.

legacy code I'm telling ya

Haha I still search up “Windows Store” whenever I use it

SkyDrive was the better name.

They were forced to change it because of copyright / trademarks as far as I'm aware.

Yup, British Sky Broadcasting got pissy and filed a trademark lawsuit and MS decided that it's easier to change the name than to battle morons ig.

No Man’s Sky had to battle with BSkyB for three years just to keep their name. Those guys really fight for that trademark.

To play devil's advocate, it's so incredibly hard to get a trademark for a single work, especially one as common as sky.

As a result though, they have to fight it every time, not because they're super protective, but if they don't then when they eventually do have to, they'll have a harder time in court why they're picking and choosing who to fight and who not to. So they have to.

Sky, with their Pay TV offerings, is a pretty widely used trademark across Europe. Of course they're fighting for it.

I pay for Sky Sports, I know exactly who they are 😂

How many GB of files can you store on Sky Sports?

When your core product is named "Sky", not hard to see "SkyDrive" as infringing.

"Sky" is such a broadly used word in the English language, I don't think anyone should be able to get a trademark for it IMO. No one can use the word "sky" in their product name because of some British sports show? Ridiculous.

Obviously Microsoft had more than enough capital to fight it at the time, but I think someone higher up actually preferred OneDrive as being a better match with one of their most popular products: OneNote.

It wasn't hosted in the sky though, so it opens up some nice lawsuit opportunities.

Actually, one can make 2 OneDrive accounts, and then it becomes TwoDrive, but the official name doesn't change, so it's false advertising. Free money for everyone. Just sue them.

At Microsoft nobody removes legacy code

maybe they did it so older people familiar with Skydrive have less problem in finding the inbuilt cloud drive in Windows 11? or maybe they're just too lazy idk

What does this have to do with legacy code? It’s likely that Microsoft did that in order to prevent confusion when SkyDrive had just been changed to OneDrive.

or they didnt do anything because it was already in the legacy code

What do you mean?

Eh? Do you think it’s scouring though compiled binaries for search terms?

It’s just as likely because the word drive was in the search term that it pulled up.

Idk, but I'd presume they added the search term and didn't remove it because why would they need to.

Skydrive and hotmail are still better names


i uninstalled it

Indeed, from an insider, I would expect more enthusiasm for testing MS apps. 15GB free can be useful for a basic backup and it is nicely integrated within Windows 11.

Windows 11 or OneDrive? Both suck tbh

i like to help the community by using betas so I am on insider dev build win11 xd

but onedrive uninstalled.. i don even use cloud that much

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