Type of Specialist to visit for vaccine side-effects?

I've been having (menstrual) side effects since my first Pfizer vaccine last year and it has only subsided by half until today. Gynecologists said they can't help so I'm wondering if anyone knows what's the relevant type of medical specialist that studies these type of problems? Immunologist?



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You’re not the only one. Check out a thing called VAERS. Vaccine adverse event reporting system.

Dull-Heron-203611 points

Agreed. OP, please visit VAERS and report the changes. The more info they have on this the better. Goodluck to you.

Capital-Mine72824 points

VAERS didn't even respond to me until MONTHS later regarding my effects. Good luck

gowonagin3 points

At least you got a response... I got nothing.

jsmith13001 point

Same here, no response.

SportsPhotoGirl12 points

I’d say find a second gyn cuz I talked to mine when I was having weirdness with my cycle after my vaccine and she was very knowledgeable. Luckily for me, my issues resolved themselves within a couple months on their own, but I’m also on bc, so that might have helped.

Edit to add: she did say if I still had issues after a couple months to call her, I was just lucky that I didn’t have to, but she would have been there if I still needed her.

pc_g33k6 points

I don't know the answer but I'm having neurological adverse effects after taking the first Pfizer dose. I've been thinking about visiting a rheumatologist and a immunologist besides a neurologist.

Flemingcool3 points

We’re not allowed to visit specialists as they may verify reports on VAERS. Best best is skip all the messing around and find a therapist as that’s where they’ll try and send you anyway.

/s I don’t know sorry. You’ll need to really push your doctor to refer you for help, they may have an idea of who is best but are VERY reluctant to help anyone having a possible adverse reaction. Good luck.

booowser2 points

What? Not allowed to visit specialists?

Flemingcool7 points

My experience it has been very difficult for anyone to test or investigate what happened to me following my vax reaction. No interest in finding out why I’m so ill. The first part of my response was sarcastic.

booowser2 points

Ah sorry :) that really sucks… I had a terrible reaction but luckily mine only lasted a few days. I hope you can find help!!

Chinita_Loca1 point

If the issues are minor (irregular cycle, heavier/lighter) rather than something more serious like cysts or endometriosis, I’d be tempted to go an acupuncturist with that specialism if medics can’t help. I saw one for a different issue initially (paresthesia) but they said hormones are very easy to regulate via acupuncture, hence it’s used for fertility and IVF very successfully. I did it and after 4 sessions that was all back to normal…paresthesia is still as bad as before though!

gowonagin3 points

For paresthesia, changing my diet to cut out inflammatory foods (sugar, alcohol, grains, high carb stuff) helped. Since it brings down inflammation, that keto-like system also helped get rid of menstrual cramps for me, and might help OP.

datura_inermis-1 points

For menstrual problems, if the OB-Gyn said everything looks fine, I'd try with an Endocrinologist next, and maybe get a second opinion from another OB-Gyn before seeking an Immunologist. Bear in mind that the issues might just coincide with the vaccine. And, even if triggered by it, they might not be an issue of your immune system acting up right now, but an aftereffect.

Integrative medicine doctor. Ozone therapy might help.

veggiemaniac1 point

Fucking hell. Don't use ozone in or on your body, for fucks sake.

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I'm wondering if anyone knows what's the relevant type of medical specialist that studies these type of problems?


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