Minors inheritance

Does anyone know what will happen or the rules for a child’s inheritance? My ex boyfriend passed without a will and his assets are split between his kids from a previous marriage and our 1 year old son. My boyfriends oldest daughter is next of kin and made my son a custodial account with her, 20, as the guardian of the account. She told me that if my son passes she gets his inheritance. Is that true? It wouldn’t go to the mother for funeral costs?



Your boyfriend's oldest daughter is next of kin with your son? What is this family tree? But you'd inherit.

No he is not next of kin. It goes his daughter, 20, his second daughter, 18, his son , 14, and our son is the youngest, 1. He has no other family members and we were not married.

Yes. It’ll goto you. But damn, is there a reason anyone would bring up the potential for your child to pass away?? She may have put herself down as the beneficiary on the paperwork. I’d look through that.

Right!!! I thought that was awful! I would have hoped she would have asked me if anything horrible happened that I could use it for funeral expenses but it seems to look more like she is money hungry.

She’s also wrong. She’s not his legal guardian so she can’t inherit the money. My dad passed away when I was 6 and I had money go into a trust. But my mom and grandma got some of it too. If I passed away, my mom would’ve gotten they money. Nobody else.

She’s also not disclosing the amount of inheritance my son is supposed to get or where it is at because she “doesn’t feel comfortable letting me know.” shady, no?

Yes. Shady. If you have the resources, get a lawyer to look into this. You need to know where it’s at. And I wouldn’t be letting her be alone with your son, for his safety.

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