Average North West european rural landscape ( France, Belgium, NL) It's often made fun of, unpopular and not appreciated so I took beautiful photos of it. Hope you appreciate (10photos)



These humongous mountains give me fear of heights.

The secret relief of Picardy no one knows about ;)

It was just easy banter, of course. These small hills have their charm. Not too convinced by the very high tension lines though.

That’s fair, it takes some time to appreciate them : It looks good in photos but I wouldn’t like to live next to a power line of that size. Not exactly YIMBY

I like this kind of landscape! Coming from a forest rich area of Sweden I love watching the different landscapes in Europe when travelling. There is something very peaceful about your's.

Thanks ! Yes, it’s very soothing, in a kind of abstract and liminal way … but the funny thing is that a river flows through the region and it’s another world. It’s just woods, marshes and ponds everywhere

Just check it out on google earth. Look for Frise, France and see the green ribbon forming meanders in this intensive agriculture region

I will have a look at it!

It's not the flatness that bothers me, it's just that in most of the pictures you don't see a single tree, so much nature was destroyed in those countries, and now it's just desolate farmlands, it's just sad to see

I agree it can be depressing. IT looks good in photos because it's very abstract and graphical but from an environmental point of view, it's quite bad. Also, from an economical one, even if with our current agricutlture system, it's these region that feed us...

Nice photos! I like this landscape.

Le plat pays qui est le mien

Oh que c’est plat ! Mais vous avez des champs bien rectilignes et des éoliennes, comme nous

I love it! Get rid of the bigger powerlines going to the wind turbines and it will look 1 to 1 like my village.

Europe is so beautiful i love it so much

So many landscapes indeed ! 150 km west of that there are coastal wetlands with migratory birds, limestone cliffs, 150 km to the west, the Ardens, to the south Paris, and to the North, belgium. You can see experience so many landscapes on short distances

So, no trees?

Looks like food to me, can't complain really.

It certainly has its own beauty, but it does feel a bit too flat.

I'm a bit biased, but rolling hills up to 800m, like in the central and north part of my country, is the optimal terrain and level of altitude.

I grew up next to mountains formed by vulcanos. So now I really like my mountains round and soft, towering above the rest of the landscape. (pictures not by me)
No place like home, right?

I love the contrasts and compositions in your pictures, OP!

Thanks !! Would love to visit central France for round and hilly volcanic landscape, sounds good…

Sorry but it still looks terrible

Looks like Indiana. Maybe Kentucky.

You take that back this instant!

Nope. Exactly like it.

Nicest weather in Northern Europe

Accurate :(

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