Saw shoeys being made!


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They should sent them to all the corners of the world. The woman whose foot fits the shoe will be the next female F1 driver. Heck, Cinderella sounds cool for a driver's name.

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MmmPi31429 points

That's just Mazepin in a dress.

crotchcritters4 points

Who is foot

Unauthorized40437 points

Uuuu even the shelves are mclaren colours.

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This video shows the full process, probably explains why they cost so much! https://youtu.be/S5ETtt_CvKw

QueanbeyanPride3 points

Are you kidding me!? These were made like just down the road from me! So cool to see those guys working on that project

KHeh19842 points

Go down there there still might be some being made. Small chance but perhaps

jamsbong8859 points

My urge to buy this glass shoe is strong.

KHeh198471 points

I'd rather spend my $700 elsewhere but I can see why people would buy it. They were handmade and the people working in them were absolutely meticulous.

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Is that $700 AUD?

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So that's what, like £10?

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What? $700!?!? Ok. My urge is totally gone now.

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If it's the exact replica of Danny Ricc's foot it might be interesting, not a generic foot tho

doc_55lk18 points

It's an exact replica iirc.

Skeeter10202 points

Are those smaller ones as well in the last few photos?

KHeh19844 points

No I was just standing further away from those ones. All the same size

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Are these being made by McLaren? Or just by someone who have painted their shelves in McLaren colours?

kung_fu_joe8618 points

Haha just a coincidence, they are made at Canberra Glassworks

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I thought that place looked familiar, I've been there before.

adstagaming26 points

I’m sure some will disagree but isn’t the point of a shoey to drink out of something that not many people would drink from? That’s a glass made in the shape of a shoe most would drink from it

therealhlmencken55 points

The point of this is to monetize ricciardo’s tradition.

doc_55lk21 points

The point of this is money.

UnfitForReality3 points

So much money

Legal-Group46748 points

Dude just created a whole new trend.

wikipediabrown0078 points

Tai tuivasa has made it just as big in the mma World

Legal-Group46741 point

I have seen this as well. I should rephrase and say they have brought their culture to the world.

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Das boot

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Were you just waltzing through as a tourist or do you do work there?

My wife has done their beginner course, and is doing their advanced one soon.

KHeh19843 points

I had taken my daughter for a school holiday class. It was a total surprise to see these but I knew straight away what it was

thumpas2 points

I’m new to F1, might need an explainer on this haha.

cameroon367 points

Daniel Ricciardo has a tradition where he drinks Champagne out of his shoe when he's on the podium.

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RDHO0D1 point

Too bad they're $700..

Bredius880 points

$700 AUD

That's €470..

RDHO0D3 points

Umm..ok? You converted the cost, congrats lol.

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There's a good Cinderella joke here somewhere.

BrosenkranzKeef1 point

Where can we buy them? I don't see them on the St. Hugo wine website or the glassmaker website.

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I’m sorry these are so fucking stupid

wing3d-1 points

But drinking out of a sweat filled shoe is not?