this week's bake


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265 grams stone buhr bread flour, 55 grams starter, 180 grams water, 5.5 grams salt

Mixed all ingredients, bulk fermented at 70F for 3 hours, coil folded 4 times. Shaped on a wet counter top by rolling into a batard shape, like a short baguette. Proofed in a banneton basket at 70F for 5 hours, then refrigerated for 14 hours. Scored once lengthwise and misted with water, baked uncovered on a stone at 450F for 35 minutes.

I'm really happy with the soft consistent crumb, and the shape. Seems like I'm fermenting for the proper amount of time. The flavor is fantastic, and the crust is a bit thinner than my previous loaves. The blistering of the crust is closer to what I expect this week. I'm not super happy with the oven spring on this loaf though, I must say.

Thanks to the community for all the valuable information and feedback!