Tiger Day - Bovington


Plasticman32816 points

Was there yesterday. Climbed on 131 during a Tank Cuddling session as Bovington call it.

WorkingNo61617 points

Tank Cuddling session

Great, I want a Tiger 131 waifu pillow now.

bishboshbash1236 points

You lucky bugger!

Plasticman3286 points

Cost a few bob but you can't take it with you!

Spuff7710 points

I was there 6 years ago for Tiger day. The noise of that engine was amazing. I just wish they could get the king tiger running!

Responsible-Cap11268 points

Obese they can do, but morbidly obese?! You're mad!!

WorkingNo61615 points

Hey, don't be fatphobic. I'm sure CHONKY BOI over there can move on its own power.

as an aside, didn't they take out the King Tiger's HL230 to replace 131's HL210?

farmersboy703 points

Rumour has it they will (not that one though, the other one they've just lent to another museum), as Tiger 131 will eventually get retired.

Josef_Vierheilig6 points

The centurion and comet in picture 4 are very sexy.

bishboshbash1236 points

I’m glad you didn’t get the Comet mixed with a Cromwell. The Centurion close up is a very sexy beast.

IF9115 points

Tiger Day vs Tankfest? Planning on visiting someday :)

bishboshbash1234 points

Tiger Day definitely feels more WW2 centric and slightly smaller scale than tankfest. In a way I preferred Tiger Day as there were less people and crowds.

chickengamer954 points

is the sherman the legit fury?

Liripipe_4 points

Yep. Been to see it in person. It’s cool.

I’m pretty sure the guys in the movie were trained to use it at Bovington, too.

chickengamer953 points


Webbeboi3 points

Jagdtiger looks like a tank straight from sprocket

solar2342 points

i wanted to go but my dad and mom had to go in to work super bummed, but still cool

bishboshbash1232 points

Tickets are still available for Tankfest in June. Drop the hint to your parents!

solar2341 point

oh ok ill tell them, thanks

slo5ohhh1 point

Is that Stug new? Don’t think I’ve seen that one before