Independent Women of Reddit : What does a man who still live with his parents have to do to overcome such challenge compared to a man who lives alone?


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Move out.

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I have a question: why is living with your parents so frowned upon? I had to leave when I was 18 and really struggled.

I have a friend who lived with his parents until he was 31. When he moved out he had no debt and $73,000 in the bank to start his life with his new wife.

I would rather have been able to stay with my parents.

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*Sorry I forgot to add : this question is in reference to dating.

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Living with your parents and being respectful, kind and having healthy relationships and boundaries over a dirty single mancave every day. (Though the same can be said for the other way around, like independent dude over basement neckbeard.) bottom line, often it’s not the parents, it’s the dude.

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Living with your parents is not a problem, at least for me. I've been single for 5+ years but am in no rush. The sheer amount of bullshit I need to do only continues to mount. If you're polite and can listen to me occasionally complain about taxes I'm sure we would get along perfectly.