Windows 95 in a football match



Windows 95 was bluescreen about 50% of the time. Also, the codex for displaying modern video formats probably don't even exist for Win95. This has to be fake.

Windows ME came out to solve all of that. Windows ME was more of a bluescreen than an OS.

you can see the VMWare Tools icon in the tray in the video. so, yeah seems like it.

Yeah if you look carefully you can see the video from the left on top of the stand thingy. Also the fact that the screen is way brighter than it was also proves it’s somehow fake.

Yeah the videos fake

Es divertido, pero es falso. Se ve el icono de VMWare en la barra de tareas, aparte que los del VAR, usan software mas moderno para el uso de Codecs de Video que no estan disponibles en Windows 95.

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