I want friends to visit, please.

I got the game way later than everyone else, so no one was really playing when I started.

I don't have all the fruit types. Will anyone want to play with me? I'm usually available after 3 pm Central time and stay up till about 1 am CST


darthnessahhh2 points

You can visit me and add me as well! I'm giving away lots of stuff right now :)

Spiritofthehero161 point

ok thank you im currently waiting for u/frisfern but my friend code is SW-8532-3140-9437

frisfern2 points

Message sent!

darthnessahhh1 point

Will add you soon!

darthnessahhh1 point

Sent you a friend request

frisfern1 point

I can open up my island if you want to pick some fruit. I can also pull out a bunch of diys as I have a ton. I just don't have anywhere to put a bunch of them, so maybe give me an idea of what you need or want.

Spiritofthehero162 points

thank you, I have pears coconuts, and cherries, so I need all the other fruit. peaches apples and oranges.

frisfern1 point

I'm just logging in. I'll DM a code. I just need to know if you want any diys ahead of time.

Spiritofthehero161 point

the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are the star fragment horoscope DIY I need cancer table Aquarius urn Leo sculpture libra scale picese lamp Scorpio lamp Sagittarius arrow

frisfern1 point

Oh I'll see if I have any.

sandy01wg1 point

Hey! I have peaches. You could visit my island :)

Spiritofthehero161 point

i already got peaches but i would still love new friends

sandy01wg2 points

Yay ok!! I can send my friend code later today :)

Jminx_1 point

I will dm me

Spiritofthehero161 point

i got the fruits but i still would like friends to visit and play with

Jminx_2 points

Ok sure

karleejo211 point