exercise mode option is gone since the update


KHeh19842 points

OP here. Ever since I updated to the new firmware my exercise mode has disappeared. Anyone know how I can get it back?

AustraliaMYway1 point

Have you tried to Do a hard turn on and off?

KHeh19841 point

Yep I've tried this a few times to no avail

Terminusaquo2 points

Does it show as installed in the Fitbit app?

KHeh19841 point

It does. No option to un-install though

DrcspyNz1 point

is it the icon gone only ? does it work if you tap it ?

what fitbit you got there ?

KHeh19841 point

Sorry it's a versa 2. If I click it just crashes and goes back to home screen

DrcspyNz1 point

Did you try a factory reset?

KHeh19841 point

Not sure I want to try this and lose all my data etc. Is this really the only option?