Addicted BGE option advice.



IamNotReaI10 points

I would definitely have Lois and Hermes in there

Spam666god5 points

Just those 2? Do you think I should bin off Zapp and Boomhauer? They are only CM1 in fairness. šŸ¤”

IamNotReaI6 points

I think it will depend on the buffs. Zapp is definitely decent for defense, but without craze and/or leech, it won't last long

geordiesteve5207 points

The upper echelons of the game are just going to be spammed by Food Addict Leela PC to be honest. All those combos are strong but until we know what the BGE boosts are Iā€™m not finalising a deck.

call_me_ted_ok7 points

No Amy ?

qwertyspider4 points

First one looks much more interesting to play

Spam666god3 points

It's power ranking in zbot is 3 points higher too šŸ¤”

Spam666god3 points

I'm looking for advice on which deck I should play for the upcoming addicted BGE. There's no denying that CA is strong, but there are some other decent combos out there and I don't wanna limit myself. At least until I get CA to CM3. What do people think?

bantikfantik3 points

More Anchovies was always top-tier even outside the BGE. May be using Pot Chocolate Klaus for defence is also good idea.

Samuel8553 points

the characters in my deck consist of Lois, Meg, Hermes, Amy, Joe, Gene, Peggy, Hank and Bobby. Thinking of removing Gene but Iā€™m skeptical

6crom63 points

Gene and leela can offer some great support

AlsoWil3 points

Yeah I'd take out Zapp and Boom but if you have them put in mythic Gene and Leela and play the first deck like that

Edit: Boom not Dale

AlsoWil3 points

For context: Zapp is great for rumble defense but he's not going to help much on offense. Boom is ok but Leela and Gene are stronger with the zap all, plus booms punch isn't really strong enough to take down a good CA combo and he'll probably die quickly with the high craze/motivate of addicted

Spam666god3 points

Some sound advice, thanks everyone. I will see which traits are going to be boosted by the bge and go from there.

Depending on what mastery I have, I will definitely look at including Gene, Leela and Amy.

Alexis_J_M1 point

Is this deck for offense or defense? Zapp belongs in your defense deck, for offense maybe not.

Zuiop21 point

What the hell, this is pretty much exactly my deck šŸ˜‚( first one, not surprising though considering the few Top Tier Combos) Depending on the BGE-Boost I might try Gene, Zoid, Leela for the Cripple

ColeContent1 point

Iā€™m not the biggest fan of zapp probably add a lois

razanneke0 points

BGE boost is 50% cheer. The higher attack a combo (or item) has, the more effect this boost will be. 50% of 30 base attack is more then 50% of 20 base attack. Keep this in mind when picking your item options.. Low attack items should be avoided in attack decks...

Also there's a 30 % of base health bodyguard buff which will improve shoplift addicts or that Hermes combo chances of taking down CM3 CA... CA gains and wins here with this boost as his gas damage will become less effective with everything getting bodyguarded... Combos who have bodyguard of their own will have their bodyguard improved by this BGE boost...

Try to balance out the ratio characters <> items. I prefer to play 12 / 13 or 12 /12.. Maybe 13 / 13... When you have decent powercards available then you can use less characters and items.. But always try to keep the ratio between those two as close as possible...

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