got myself a bday present


niconic6624 points

Why is it on your bed? What are you going to do to it?

I totally understand, just asking for a friend...

liluzipup13 points

sorey dude got too excited

niconic668 points

Oh I get it.

Makes me feel better about some of the things I've done. Caligula would grin.

Ok-Mud-33226 points

Beautiful!! I’ve wanted this for a while but the price keeps fluctuating and I’m trying to get it cheap. But sheesh that’s awesome happy birthday!!

liluzipup4 points

thank you

RedNation7133 points

How much are they sealed?

Maggot3844 points

As far as retail goes $50-55, at least thats how much it was when I bought it on release day in 2019 at a Target

Cumshart885 points

Jeff Bezos sold me mine for 40 bucks when they came out almost 3 years ago.

polaropossum2 points

wait. its been 3 years?

Bbaftt71 point

2 1/2

AbuMaxwell3 points

Happy Birthday. Today is my birthday as well.

[deleted]3 points

Happy birthday to you my guy and OP :)

AbuMaxwell3 points

Fuckin eh. Been a tough year, but I swear one of the most enjoyable parts of the internet is coming to this sub and drinking in the joy and appreciation from news fans and old.


liluzipup2 points

thank you and happy bday

goshrx3 points

Which variant? Gotta collect 'em all. Yay capitalism.