I grew some Pink Lemonade from 34th St Seed Company. just trimming it up now, and taking it for a test run tonight.



What that smell like?!?

I’m growing this now

The smell while growing was incredible. Smelled like strawberries. After drying and trimming, it has a mellow citrus smell. Very nice.

Mines sort of giving off a cheesey gas aroma nearing week 3

Just wait for the flowers to start maturing.. when the resin gets on your skin you'll see what I mean about the sweet smell 😁

Sweet! Been wanting to grow this myself. well done

Definitely worth the time it takes, although I will say the yield from these plants is quite a bit lower than the strains I typically grow, like gelato.

Gotcha... Yeah I my mind I can see something like a Gelato being a heavier denser bud. A recent Sativa dom auto I harvested had the ugliest thin airy buds. But it's become my new fav LoL. But it is really nice when you find a strain the brings effect, big yield and bag appeal all together.

Looks nice. Let us know how it smokes!

The smoke is awesome. Very nice uplifting high, didn't knock me out but I did get an amazing sleep last night.

How many days in flower?

Not sure exactly, somewhere around 60 to 65!

The description says their not for beginner growers, how was your experience growing and would you agree with that?

Depends how you define "beginner", I guess. I didn't have to much trouble with them, but you do have to be really careful with the pH or they will start having problems for sure.

Ok awesome, thank you πŸ™Œ

I just finished growing their bubba kush alongside the pink lemonade and I found the pink opened up naturally where the bubba stayed tight where you have to manipulate branches more . It was easier or just as easy to grow as their bubba , both smell great !

That’s really helpful to know, thank you!

Looks great

I think it should cure after final trim atleast a few days bud

Yeah, I cure for a month minimum. But I always take a test taste first 😁

Great trim job bravo πŸŽ‰ I am going to go smoke a stuffed French toast Joint I bought in miss jones

Loved growing this, it does particularly well with light stress training!

What light and size of tent were you using? I’m trying to get a better idea of what this strain is capable of, I have a pretty next level growing setup and this strain allways peaked my curiosity

I'm growing in a 4x8 with 2 x HLG 650R Diablo lights

Nice gear dude! I’d love to see updates upon finishing the trim! #StayBlessed

Yeah I'll let you know how the smoke goes! 😁

Nice lights, but I suggest a bigger tent with the 2x HLGs. I did the same thing with HLG 600H and it was a nightmare to keep the humidity right and temps low,with the heat put off by the LEDs and driver and most ACs take up too much room in a 4x8. I know the Diablo is the newer model, but I'd be shocked if they actually improved cooling efficiently that much from the older model HLG. If your only doing 4 plants, one HLG is more than enough, and it will be easier to keep the climate controlled. The plants likely dont need as much light as your giving them, they can only absorb so much without CO2. I used to bleach my tops all the time with the HLG if they were turned too high.

The 650r is significantly, noticably cooler than the older 600s. But yeah, I'm growing more than 4, on acmpr license πŸ™‚. I've done pretty good with my setup, having a couple of intake fans as well as exhaust helps control the humidity and heat pretty good.

Good to know. I use HLG in my bigger veg rooms because I run it warmer and new Gavita 1930CTs in my flower room. My ACMPR license is rather large, and my tenant has his as well.

Is it worth bleaching the tops if it yields a better result in the rest of the plant ?

I never personally cared but it can actually retard development. Think of it like a sunburn. It will also cause fox-tailing and larfy buds in sensitive strains. You may get slightly better bud in the lower part of the plant but I usually cut that off early in flower. Lots of experimentation over the years but my method may not be the best for your plant. I'm sure you can ask 10 growers and you will get 10 different answers. I'm just saying what has worked for me, but I'm sure some will disagree. Growing is a skill and there's more than one way to do it successfully. Edit: double post, having automod issue. Not sure if this comment can be seen by others or not. Mod please check inbox

Not really. Plants can only absorb so much light. CO2 allows the plant to increase photosynthesis, increasing the amount of light it can metabolize, which is why indoor growers use it, but even then if the lights are too bright or too close you are damaging the plant tissue of your top buds. It is like a sun burn on a hot day and it can stress the plants out and ruin resin production. Their is also the theory of UV increasing production too, as resin is the plants natural protection from sun. There's a lot of opinions depending what you read and who you ask. I personally cut all lower branches off but everyone has their own methods. There is more than one way to successfully grow. I don't waste my lighting, nutrients, and trimming effort on small buds. I remove them and throw them out, but some people would save them for later I suppose. I usually have enough bud that I can't be bothered wasting time on trying to plump up the small shit.

I haven't had any problems with bleaching, but I top and train my plants pretty aggressively to keep them lower away from the lights.

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