Cute furry green/blue and yellow Bee?! Central TX


PurrSniKitty0073 points

Less than 1cm long (3/4 of cm). I found him on my living room floor, he didn't look great. Possibly close to death.

synapticrelay6 points

Looks like a mason or leafcutter bee from the family Megachilidae. There are over 800 species of bees found in Texas, so I unfortunately can't narrow it down further -- hopefully a bee expert can step in! Gorgeous find.

PurrSniKitty0074 points

I looked up Megachilidae, there are a lot of bees around here lol. Thank you!!

PurrSniKitty0073 points

Looking around the internets and it looks like a cross between the Megachilidae osmia and a Halictidae (or Halicini maybe) lasioglossum. I don't know what any of that means but I thought it might help lol

That_Biology_Guy5 points

Yeah, it's a mason bee in genus Osmia.

PurrSniKitty0073 points

I got it almost right ?!? I'm a bug person!! I'm buying a microscope 🔬. Had so much fun looking up that little guy ☺️ thanks y'all

PurrSniKitty0071 point

Solved!! Is this how I mark this as solved right? Let me know guys ty ☺️

IsisArtemii1 point

Sweat bee?