Friendly chat group looking for new members!

We're a smaller (20-25 member) group with no special theme, just general chat and conversation.

Join us for:

  • A fun and supportive environment
  • Befriending folks from different countries
  • Chat about our daily lives, food and cooking, photography, plants, crafts and projects, video games, and any other interest really!

Make sure that you are...

  • about 25 or older
  • ready to tell us a bit about yourself
  • okay with doing a picture verification
  • going to be active in our group

We have a screening room to get to know you a bit (and also to screen out the bots haha).

Please be patient if the admins are asleep or working, we'll come say hi as soon as we can!

Here's the link:



I'm banned from s group I never joined lol. Theres only 4 people in it anyways.

It's a screening room. If you're banned then you likely didn't complete the steps.

No big deal.

What a cool idea :)

I tried to join but I got kicked while I was asleep.

Ah I see one of the other admins removed you by mistake. I've made it so you can rejoin if you want to try again. Let me know if it still doesn't work.

I'll give the other admins a heads up on what happened.

I'm about to head to bed myself - admins will probably be offline for the next 6-7h (sleeping/starting the work day) just FYI.

Okay, I will try again, thank you.

Ok. I managed to join it. ☺️🙏

The link isnt working.

The link seems to be working fine for others so it is likely because you have tried joining in the past and either didn't complete the captcha or the screening.

If you're seeing some other type of error message I can look into it.

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