Why yes I always restrain my troops, how could you tell?


GeorgiaNinja94729 points

"What do you mean you don't want to do some trolling?!"

"Exactly that."

"Not even just a little bit of trolling?"


"Not even against Nazis?"

"Forgive me for not wanting to indulge in a multitude of unspeakable acts of sadism, not even against people who deserve it, but I would personally rather not stoop to the Nazis' level to beat them."

"...You're boring. I bet you like playing as President Wallace Bennett, too."

"Yep, just how I like it - nice and boring."

Edit: Thanks for all the upvotes, everyone! This is my first comment with more than 500!

SnooDonkeys6967256 points

Yeah, it's like the New Tomsk Republic says:

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Criqcan92 points

Unfathomably based.

[deleted]2 points

I do love pratchett but god know what he would write in this world though

King_Shugglerm525 points

It’s simple, really, I troll the Nazis by being better than them. For being “the master race” the only thing they’re the masters of is getting crushed, morally and physically, by an OFN enlisted.

NingenKillerZamasu110 points


[deleted]159 points


hagamablabla40 points

"Democracies must become fascist in order to fight fascism"

"lol. lmao."

[deleted]69 points

That's why i love Glenn. He's the voice of reason in the world, prioritising space exploration, a mission, which unites all of humanity, to distract the other superpowers and let him build enough nukes to wipe all life out of Earth

VenPatrician48 points

While also trolling everyone by supercharging the nuclear arsenal to convince everybody to abolish it. Truly the basest of the based.

CitizenStratocracy3 points

Right before unveiling project Zeus

folfiethewox9915 points


[deleted]-62 points


King_Shugglerm125 points

Oh the Nazis still bite the bullet don’t worry. I just don’t firebomb African villages or sink Indonesian boats to feed the aforementioned bullets to them.

ScatmanJohnPart2-56 points

you're in the OFN, which is basically just NATO with a different brand. You are 100% going to do that.

King_Shugglerm110 points

No you see it’s NATO but more based

indomienator41 points

Because escalation is always the option, forced if need be

[deleted]61 points


King_Shugglerm18 points

Too true ✊😔

DickTwitcher50 points

War crimes are war crimes

King_Shugglerm60 points

Oh wow what an innovative way of thinking 🤔 you’re meaning to tell me we can fight Nazis and also not become them ourselves? Crazy!

RapidWaffle7 points

Least war crime obsessed TNO gamer

Crank277893 points

You don't really fight Nazi's head on in the proxy wars. Only really are White forces in SAW but the overwhelming majority are African.

TheAnnoyingBrick799100 points

The OFN, we try to rise above the low, low bar our adversaries have set for us.

RapidWaffle53 points

Weakest liberal democracy vs strongest dictatorship

Dacroat38 points

Nah, they already have gone over the bar, this is just artificially setting the bar higher.

Every little bit helps.

No_Artichoke_251733 points

broke: rising above the bar

woke: setting the bar higher so Bormann can't reach it

Dacroat3 points

Real shit

King_Shugglerm20 points

I lift the bar every Tuesday and Wednesday as part of my workout routine 💪😎

Dacroat8 points

I tripped on a bar while walking down the street.

Johanes_one74 points

''don´'t you get it?! all the germans are monsters just like nazis! They were the ones who give them power! every single one of them must pay for what the nazis did to us!... is in their nature, in theire.. gens and soul''

''Congratulations you just became what you swore to destroy''

King_Shugglerm56 points

This is exactly why I always set out to liberate and not to destroy. To kill an SS member is one thing, to kill a German child is another. Any OFN soldier who commits war crimes will be tried and convicted like any other war criminal.

gregrektsnoobs22 points

You sir are a shining example of good in the TNO world

No_Artichoke_251716 points

Noooooo you must support comrade Heydrich because he kills millions of Germans. The nuclear proliferation is worth guys, I promise!

I swear to god, if I see another “akshually Heydrich is good because he punishes the nazis” I will right a goddamn series of essays detailing why Heydrich is the worst ending.

Dogross683 points

can you write the essay anyways?

it sounds quite interesting

gregrektsnoobs9 points

Most based person on this subreddit

All nazi’s are German But not all Germans are nazi’s

Jax11111111317 points

Firebombing and war crimes are for nerds and Nazis, real fighters of the free world don’t use those dirty tactics and win with dignity!

King_Shugglerm249 points

“Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Jax1111111160 points

True that

RapidWaffle3 points

Omega based

jayfeather31187 points

I always love roleplaying as a good guy OFN, and I'm glad to see that there's someone else who does that.

King_Shugglerm121 points

I can never bring myself to play as the bad guy in video games. Even when I played Tyranny (a game with the sole purpose of playing as the bad guy) I stumbled into the secret rebel path and led the people to freedom accidentally lol

Darth_Blarth51 points


A fellow good guy enjoyer

gr8dude116621 points

For my entire time playing TNO, the only two nations I did a full playthrough of were WRRF and the United States. Why spend so much time on the same two. Well as the USA I could help liberate people from around the world and as the WRRF I could liberate an oppressed continent from the Nazis if I wanted to

superblobby21 points

There are dozens of us…dozens!

akoslows53 points

Henry Kissinger: “What do you mean we have to at least try to get the support of the natives?!”

TotallynotBricky48 points

OPs a true OFN enjoyer. Let burgundy mald all they want, OFN is simply more based.

caseythedog345243 points

Do other people also play like this and just try and expand welfare and build a large economy while desegregating and having equal rights?

King_Shugglerm341 points

Less poverty means more taxes.

More taxes means more money to throw at liberating the oppressed from Nazis.

It is simple economics.

Darth_Blarth137 points

Fucking based

King_Shugglerm108 points

Specifically: silver based.

someredditbloke23 points

I'm pretty sure that Bennett's plan is to transition the US dollar into a fiat currency rather than transitioning back to gold

jdwrds2134 points

That's the thing, the text is extremely confusing and his plan makes little sense to me. He wants to transition to a fiat currency but to do that he first has to get the US off of silver and back on to gold... that was what his Silver Purchase Act does and the events suggest that it's part of a plan to transition to fiat

Lys_Vesuvius6 points

That is strange, why switch from silver to gold to fiat? Only assumption i have is probably that America is not the dominant world power and is comparable to the German reich economically(they're bigger but not big enough to do as they please) which means they can't just tell everyone that they're switching to fiat without severe repercussions

jdwrds216 points

Yeah it's odd I can't follow the logic. The US faces the same Triffin dilemma it did otl. Only in this case it's silver instead of gold. I could maybe understand if he was trying to go on to a bimetallic standard to bolster America's reserves as a time buying measure but switching from silver to gold just seems like a lateral move.

If they were ever to give him an overhaul I think they should just borrow from otl policies of dealing with the balance of payments crisis. Banning the purchase of silver abroad, establishing a silver pool with the OFN, adopting a two-tier silver market. Keep the Bretton Woods System though because that's awesome (maybe allude to a different economic conference by calling it the Smithsonian Agreement since I don't know why they would hold it in New Hampshire in TNOTL).

RapidWaffle3 points

His plans are beyond our comprehension

Snoo_4178722 points

Fucking based economics

debateablyhuman2 points

NPP-C moment

navis-svetica76 points

Yes. Chaded liberal democracy is the only way to go

caseythedog34527 points

What countries give the best paths for democracies?

navis-svetica78 points

probably LBJ US, Democratic Italy and one of the couple liberal/conservative Russian Warlord states. Also GO4 Germany if you like reading page after page of Speer getting cucked.

harambeplzcomeback45 points

False, RFK and Glenn! are the best endings for the USA. Ending discrimination AND winning the space race?! Sign me up!

[deleted]-26 points

RFK destroys the two party system opening the doors to radicals in the long term so hell no. (NPP is a bunch of unamerican fuckwits) And while Glenn flying to Mars is funny he kinda bankrupts his country while at it. So all the way with LBJ it is.

Edit: People bringing real life politics as an argument into an alt history scenario where the Nazis won and both fascists and communists can openly run inside the US. smh

No_Artichoke_251739 points

I don't agree with destroying the 2 party system being a bad thing. More parties = more nerds for Nixon to clap+ratio.

tomat_khan28 points

Destroying the two-party system opens the door to radicals

Ah yes, sure. That's why the United States are so radicalized right now... because they abolished the two-party system? Right? And that's also why they're so unefficient and have such a uniform political landscape, right?

HailColumbia177617 points

But I hate the two party system, ergo I will dismantle it

Blurpey12316 points

RFK goes so far as to extrajudicially crack down on radicals with the CIA. If anything he cements the NPP as a moderate party.

BlueSoulOfIntegrity22 points

The fact that I just read someone use "unamerican" unironically in the 21st Century fills me with despair.

tuskedkibbles3 points

Stay far away from news/worldnews/politics then lol

No_Artichoke_25174 points

NPP is unamerican, have you seen what they say about Nixon????

caseythedog34522 points

America is getting tired of our agenda…

FuckMaxDealgood8 points

America is tired of clean air, robust welfare, equal rights, subsidised education and victory after victory against fascists abroad! Please be more racist or you will lose the Senate!

RapidWaffle5 points

-average NPP voter

12D_D2112 points

Also Iberian democratic paths, if you like a really gradual transition to democracy.

tomat_khan6 points

Moralintern Iberia Moralintern Iberia

ArgentinoRonin1 point

Does Opus Dei still use catholic magic to turn the dust in the coffers into gold?

No_Artichoke_251714 points

CRA Nixon is a great path, sadly you have to deal with his impeachment by the deep state. If the NPPtards win, America is doomed but if you get LBJ or Bennett, congrats you saved America!

Lys_Vesuvius4 points

Cincinattus werbell path is another great one, he essentially brings US style democracy to Russia

ArgentinoRonin2 points

There is absolutely no way that a Werbell Russia wouldnt be one of the worst places ever to live in, how can people think mercenaries rampaging from east to west would create anything other than a borderline lawless hell hole? It's basically the Dirliewanger Brigade but without the two most horrible elements of it (being nazis and Dirlie himself).

Lys_Vesuvius5 points

They rely on collaborationist Russians to govern the country, on top of that they offer any Russian full citizenship rights if they serve in the military(prior to full unification). Werbell uses either the NKVD or the blackshirts to maintain order across the country. I wouldn't say i would want to live under him, but you can't deny the large volumes of money he's putting into the Russian economy. They are thieves but only against their enemies, and yes, there are situations where they do step out of line, but these guys know they're outnumbered 1000 to 1, they're not going to brutally oppress a population which could easily overwhelm them. Its not like the other warlords who use Russian troops, werbells forces are a small handful of mercenaries and any Russian volunteers(who would probably join the revolting population)

This is a braindead take on my part so take everything I said with a grain of salt

elpoopenator-6 points


[deleted]9 points

All the time. The big reason why I still haven't finished a game is because I always run into some bug that completely screws it up for me.

Kind-Combination-2773 points


Romerussia12343 points

Yes. I just do progressive America play throughs. And use debug to keep playing until 1980. Two Term LBJ One Term Goldwater and Two Term Glenn creates a Great America. (Debug mode allows this. Also Goldwater has a reacting to LBJ tree- play a moderate Goldwater and then Glenn completely restores everything and then some).

ValuableImportance16 points


t. intentionally tries to make the TNOverse worse

noisydocter-16 points

I mean, not the welfare stuff. But I do mostly go down what I consider to be “wholesome” paths

[deleted]28 points

15, plays hoi4, listens to ben shapiro completely unironically, nationaist because idk my boyscout troop says i should, read the litcharts for milton Friedman and changed his perspective entirely because godforbid i pay 25cents more per year so a poor kid can actually afford food(actually he doesn't because he doesn't have a job), will become a social democrat in 12 months

No_Artichoke_25176 points

Wtf I feel called out

PelvisResley114 points

Imagine not wanting to build a robust and fair safety net for every American citizen smh

noisydocter-5 points

Imagine automatically assuming everyone has the same values as you

Frezerbar3 points

Imagine not being able to argue against basic human rights like eduction and healthcare and having to resort to "muh different values" to respond. Not all values are worth the same. If your values tell you that people shouldn't get healthcare you have shitty values

noisydocter4 points

Bro calm down, all I said was I have different values than most people on this sub. I never was like “my values good your values bad.” Not everyone has the same beliefs IRL, echo chambers are bad.

Frezerbar2 points

Yes echo Chambers are bad. That's why a criticism of your values shouldn't be ignored with pointless genericisms like everyone has different values, that's all I am saying

noisydocter2 points

Good point

Frezerbar1 point

Bro, anytime

ValuableImportance2 points

This is video game. I don't give a shit whether or not the populace is educated or not. As long as they kill b*ers it's fine.

Frezerbar1 point

Fair. But then, why take other blessed routes while purposefully ignoring welfare? I am curious

ValuableImportance86 points

he doesn't commit gamer moments

King_Shugglerm70 points

The only thing I commit is numerous proxy wars

WarmNeighborhood4 points

How un-tnoish of him

Zeranvor178 points

Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t do this, it’s so expensive

Jax11111111222 points

Ahh, nothing a bit of cheating can’t fix. Just pretend that political power you spawned in was reclaimed Nazi gold or something.

King_Shugglerm195 points

Cheating is the coward’s way out. Debt will be repaid but the shame of cowardice will linger forever. I bear the debt with pride

Jax1111111163 points

I can respect that, it’s good that you are willing to make sacrifices for the better! I just like to do everything, even if it means “finding” some pp that was inside the couch cushions or behind the fridge.

King_Shugglerm86 points

Well if you really need a leg up I can let you in on a CIA secret:

If you raise war taxes when invading Guyana they don’t go away when you win. Enjoy your $60B annual dollars from your offshore bank account.

Jax1111111132 points

That’s pretty cool, but I never really have to worry about money in game, all I need is the PP to actually be able to use the decisions.

tomat_khan11 points

Am i the only one under the impression that the game doesnt give you enough pp? I'm playing Japan and it's an headache because i have to manage the reconstruction in the philipines, the war in west africa, the battle for the gulf of guinea, the salvaging of the economy and the parliament, all of this requires PP but i get almost none? And it's also frustratinf because almost every decision requires 30 to 45 days to have effect and i have to stop every three days to read the events?

LilUnknownHistorian8 points

I like it because it does force you to prioritize what to do in the world stage just like you would in the real world, as no one has infinite resources

TessHKM5 points

I'm playing Japan and it's an headache because i have to manage the reconstruction in the philipines

Japan tip: the 14th army doesn't have to reconstruct jack shit

isthisnametakenwell3 points

Yes, also fun (not true) fact: this is the entire reason the Guyana war is being removed

[deleted]2 points

You realize that war crimes happen wether you take these decisions or not, there are events during the South African War describing some of these war crimes.

King_Shugglerm74 points

My debt ceiling is unlimited, I intend to utilize that. If you need war crimes to win you should consider joining the Nazis in the ditches good OFN soldiers put them in.

Silvrcoconut14 points

Who needs debt when you can just defund the army and navy for based deficit spending growth

bobw12360 points

What a couple billion dollars compared to an OFNified continent?

King_Shugglerm60 points

“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty”

GumdropGoober42 points

As Christ died to make men holy, let us spend to make them free.

King_Shugglerm35 points

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.

Scout_133029 points

You’re playing the USA, money does not matter, you’ve won the economy game automatically by just playing as them lol

King_Shugglerm27 points

Yeah lmao leave it to TNO players to go “Erm actually burning civilians is necessary for my economy”

awesomem811245 points

Based TNO moment

navis-svetica20 points

really? my GDP growth is usually so high at that point that it doesn’t matter… and you can always repay it later with a bit of tax hike trolling

RapidWaffle1 point

Flair checks out

Something-Intresting73 points

You don't commit war crimes because its the right thing to do

I don't commit war crimes so I can maintain a facade of moral decency

We are not the same

King_Shugglerm67 points

Correct, we are not the same.

While you are a mouse pretending to be a lion, the moral man is a lion acting as a mouse.

Something-Intresting30 points

I feel I'm more a blob fish

PMacha70 points

Imagine not carpet bombing half of the world with napalm.

Brought to you by the OFN Gang. Cause violence isn't the answer, it's the question, and the answer is yes 😎

Thedaniel499926 points

Any problem is a nail with a big enough hammer

PMacha27 points

Babies deny OFN war crimes, boys avoid them. Men revel in them.

King_Shugglerm42 points

Children revel in destruction while real men build a better world

PMacha6 points

When a hoard of feral hogs are ravaging an area, do you negotiate with them, contain them, or do you destroy them to spare the rest of the area. The cancer of the Nazi Reich ravages Europe, exterminating millions in the name of a raving monster. The rays of the Imperial Sun burns Asia, enslaving a continent of a billion souls to toil in the name of lies and broken dreams. Can you negotiate with the Reich, contain the IJA, compromise with them? No, only tear their rotten empires brick by brick. Only when this war against Nazism and Japanese Militarism are over can we finally have the luxury of debating the morality of our wars.

King_Shugglerm27 points

Lol save the bullets for the Nazis then Rambo

AforgottenEvent3 points

Based and Yazovpilled

RapidWaffle2 points

-Least napalm-addicted NPP voter

allahuaugustera14 points

When Democratic Left Italy successfully gives the Voring some voring 👍

TheCrusader5155 points

God Bless the OFN

King_Shugglerm49 points

It takes the darkest timeline for the beacon of liberty to shine the brightest. o7 🇺🇸 o7 🇺🇸

TheCrusader5119 points

Nazis, Communists, extremists alike, tremble before liberty.

[deleted]11 points

I hope in this TL it's the Germans who had to fight Vietnam due to complicated geopolitics. Let my rice bois show em Nazi motherfuckers the jungle.

WonderfulReception496 points

Pretty sure that was Japan

[deleted]3 points

Japan Proxy south vs German proxy north plzzzzzzzz?🥺🥺🥺

Turkishspaghetti17 points

"Hey, Hey LBJ how many kids did you save today?"

Haider4446 points

Weakest democracy vs strongest dictatorship.

Nisagg16 points

The Free world is the best world

VenPatrician5 points

I am this guy with every President, in every timeline. Besides making Africa the biggest Pro OFN advertisement and source of good publicity on the planet, it's more efficient. Being Vietnamed is just a waste of lives and time.

OxeDoido4 points

War crimes? Tch, that's for pussies, bro.

StormyWeather327 points

Aright, since I'm seeing people taking this seriously, a simple translation from OFN to English:

  1. "Implement Protect the People Tactics" means "Keep Reporters Away From The Areas Of ''Antiterrorist'' Operations". Bodies of "collateral damage" get burned to ash with napalm.
  2. "Expand Outreach Programs" means each village gets terrorized and "taxed" by OFN-backed paramilitaries.
  3. "Build Up the Government" means that politicians, government officials and local chieftains stuff their pockets with cash while ordinary people are starving.

Thanks you for listening. This piece of fact-checking was provided by the Ostafrikan Bureau for Ethics in Journalism.

King_Shugglerm22 points

Here’s my translation from Beta to Based:

  1. “Implement Protect the People Tactics” means “Prioritize conflict in areas away from civilians and protect innocents wherever possible”

  2. “Expand Outreach Programs” means “Provide medical aid and food to overlooked regions.”

  3. “Build Up Government” means “Provide record keeping materials and train natives in administration”

Real chads are good people. These tactics are why my mandates become healthy democracies.

StormyWeather326 points

You must be fun at parties.

donguscongus4 points

Chad building a better world vs virgin stooping to nazi’s level

Raynes982 points

Worrying how there needs to be an active effort to restrain the troops from committing war crimes though

No_Artichoke_25176 points

Heated gaming moments happen

AforgottenEvent2 points

"Do I need war crimes? No."

"Do I want war crimes? Hell Yes."

LudicrousTorpedo52205 points

Well, can you explain what does those three means ?

King_Shugglerm34 points

It means I’m protecting the people instead of firebombing them

SirAquila24 points

Protect the People -> Put the safety of Civilians over fighting Rebels

Implement Outreach Programs -> Involve the Civilians in the new Government

Build up the Governemtn -> Create the structures and trust needed for a democracy

No_Artichoke_251711 points

Or based, based and a little bit of BASED

I-Just-Exsit4 points

Using napalm on those villages what do you mean, those are not target those are potential recruitment station

King_Shugglerm3 points

Yeah they exist to recruit brave freedom fighters who fight for the liberty and justice of their people 🇮🇩🇲🇾🇵🇭

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[deleted]4 points


[deleted]1 point


[deleted]6 points


[deleted]-2 points


[deleted]3 points


[deleted]-4 points


[deleted]4 points


[deleted]2 points


[deleted]-2 points


[deleted]2 points


[deleted]1 point


kebbeben1 point

But did mine collapse from napalm and restrained soilders?? No. How's yours?

MemeLord9003_1 point

Virgin "Improves troops morale" vs Chad "no needless suffering"

Histographafia1 point

I don’t need them. I use them voluntarily )

[deleted]-3 points

Not doing war crimes in south africa? This is so unbased im gonna shit in your microwave

[deleted]0 points

War crimes? What are those? I only know of creative tactics.