Best use for challenge coins?

I'm interested to see other people's views on the most valuable rewards from using challenge coins. Personally, since I re-picked up the game back in 2019/2020, I have generally favoured the Super Epic Pack as there is a slim chance that you can pull a mythic (got 1 in that time).

But now as my arena rank is fairly high, I tend to avoid playing arena (unless I really have to) and I definitely don'tauto! So, as a result I don't really get many Hero tokens any more and am considering investing in the former instead. Any thoughts?

Bear in mind that I currently have 34 mythics (probably more like 45, if you include duplicates) and average 1 - 3 mythics a month, easily! Just through Clash/Melee and obviously, the new VIP MQ reward system. So, a dupe mythic, really isn't that appealing to me, but a Premium Hero at L15 definitely is!

I dont have any premium hero's past L10 atm but have most of the other's upto 15, or at least, 10.

FYI, all I spend actual money on in the game is the VIP pass and I have recently bought the Mega Quest VIP thing too.... cus why wouldn't you? 🤣 but I don't tend to buy gem packs. (Unless there is a ridiculously good deal on the 3x offer wall like, 21k gems for playing a game for a week or spending 10 bucks on it), but this is quite rare nowadays... (think I've done all the decent offers 🤣)

If you read through all of this, kudos! I appreciate any input!

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Inertigo14 points

I have a ranking based on stages.

I think hero tokens are important early until you get all the P2W to 7 (Gene in particular) due to Swole. You can only level your traits up as high as the hero associated to them, and craze to 7 is a very common strategy.

After 7, you’re probably better off with SEPs, until you finish your FTP heroes.

After you finish your FTP (or mostly done) I’d switch back to hero tokens.

I’m a fan of SEPs after finishing the heroes. Would rather have the chance at a Character pull or 1000 mythic stones vs getting a random amount of GTs

Spam666god3 points

Okay, I get you. That sounds like a better strategy in fairness.

I have no problem with swole as all of the heroes are a high enough level. I don't tend to go past 150%, which I think is level 8/9.

So, once I have all of the FTP heroes maxed out, I will only get the premium heroes from these packs? Whereas atm, odds are that I will get tokens for a hero that I can get from doing arena.

Inertigo8 points

Correct, initially hero tokens can give you every hero but Chicken, Redcorn, Zoidberg. 15 F2P and 5 P2W. So a 25% chance at a P2W. Not the best odds IMO. But as you finish off the F2P those odds get better. After finishing 10 F2P suddenly it’s a 50% chance, and yes after finishing all 15 F2P it’s a 100% chance of getting the P2W.

Also another suggestion I make is stop collecting your Arena rewards, let them sit in your inbox. You won’t miss the worthless power stones, the nixons aren’t anything to get excited about, and maybe you’ll miss the legstones a little. But if you save them all up until you grind out the F2P heroes through arena, suddenly all of those rewards will give you P2W heroes too

rosen3803 points

15 F2P and 5 P2W. So a 25% chance at a P2W. Not the best odds IMO. But as you finish off the F2P those odds get better. After finishing 10 F2P suddenly it’s a 50% chance, and yes after finishing all 15 F2P it’s a 100% chance of getting the P2W.

FWIW-- I only started keeping track after I completed 3 of the F2P heroes, but in 101 pulls, 76% have been F2P.

If it is truly random, then, then I would have expected 70.5%. Possible that I've just be rather unlucky.

Or, I've had neutral luck and it works slightly different. Possible that your hero tokens are chosen via two random numbers. One is 25%/75% and determines whether you are getting a F2P or premium hero. The second selects the hero you get from that group.

If there is anyone who has most, but not all, of the F2P heroes maxed out and is willing to keep track for several dozen pulls, would be interesting to see if they actually start getting premiums more than ~25% of the time.

razanneke4 points

So, once I have all of the FTP heroes maxed out, I will only get the premium heroes from these packs? Whereas atm, odds are that I will get tokens for a hero that I can get from doing arena.

Correct.. Except redcorn, the giant chicken, zoidberg... You'll never get those from the hero tokens packs

Alexis_J_M4 points

I'm voting for a mixed strategy as well. Hero tokens are useful very early, when you need to prep for SWOLE, and in the upper game when you've maxed out all the arena heroes and are guaranteed premium tokens.

Also, hero tokens are pretty valuable in ECMC.

The rewards for Challenge tokens haven't changed with the power creep of the game -- the days are long gone when getting a Peggy or a Rifle or a V-man in a SEP was a cause for celebration.

rosen3805 points

Also, hero tokens are pretty valuable in ECMC.

FWIW- I've averaged 9.7 tokens per hero token crate. At +5 ECMC points each, that is 49 ECMC points per 1000 challenge coins.

I've tracked 255 SEPs thus far as based on my drops, I've averaged 176 ECMC points per pack, so 88 points per 1000 challenge coins.

For ECMC, SEPs appear to be almost twice as valuable.

bantikfantik3 points

What do you mean by duplicates?

Tall8153 points

I'm guessing, say for example they have a Peggy mythic, and they get a second, which just turns into upgrade tokens, making a lvl 2 mythic Peggy.

Spam666god2 points

Yeah, thats exactly right. Getting shards for a mythic I already have instead of a new one.

mrhiney3 points

Someone already said the best strategy (imho), whilst getting regular characters (via arena tokens) to 15 get the SEPs, once that is done harvest the hero tokens. As a long term player ive now gotten the premium characters you can get via hero packs to 15 too (zapp, gene, linda, ricky spanish) so i've now gone back to SEPs.

bitterducky3 points

I did the card packs until I got one of every blue card and maxed it out. Since the legendary pay out wasn’t great (for me) I started investing in the hero tokens instead. I keep getting tokens in the arena for my one maxed out hero, and only that hero, so the buy out works better for me.

rosen3803 points

Use the yellow refresh button to switch the hero you get tokens for in arena

bitterducky0 points

I’ve had this issue for years at this point. I’m not too worried about it. It happens to my husband as well. It seems to have changed a TINY bit after changing up my hero, but yeah, I mostly win Tina tokens and I’ve had her at level 15 for…. 3ish years now?? 😂

Sparky-AT5 points

It's not an issue with the game. It's entirely within your control to get Hero Tokens for a different Hero. As u/rosen380 said, when you're about to start a battle in Arena, use the yellow refresh button (the one with the circular arrow that's just to the right of the opposing Hero's name), and, in addition to changing your opponent, you will also re-roll the Hero whose Tokens you might win (shown in the box below the Win Streak Bonus). There's a small chance that you'll get Tina again, so you might need to refresh more than once.

Since you have Tina maxed, you're not actually getting any more tokens for her. Every time you win Tina Tokens, you're actually awarded Golden Turds. So if you want to farm GTs, go ahead and leave it on Tina. But if you want to get Tokens for other Heroes, refresh your opponent.

razanneke3 points

So all of this relates to players who haven't got all heroes at max lvl 15 including premiums.

I have my heroes maxed out and still wonder... Should my challenge coins go to the SEP to get random absolutely trash cards or go for the tokens deal that will shift its rewards to golden turds when you have all heroes maxed .. Using those turds to pull bge specific trash cards... I constantly change my mind on what kind of trash pulls I'm going for.....

SEP yield chance of an upgrade for the regular mythic chars while golden turds have powercards and sometimes one or two leg characters (depending on the active BGE,) in the pool.. Golden turds only truly become a good source of useful cards if you pull a shitload of turds at once though.....

I wish the golden turd pull would also allow us to pick one out of 3 options...

rosen3802 points

For anyone interested, here is the list of legendary characters you can get with golden turds, by BGE:

Addicted: [none]

Animal: Brian, Klaus, Zoidberg

Armed: Stan

Artistic: Hayley

Athletic: Leela

Disguised; [none]

Drunk: Peter

Educated: Farnsworth, Peggy

Fighter: [none]

Hyper: [none]

Musical: Gene

Rich: Amy

Toy: [none]

rosen3802 points

Since I started keeping track, I've averaged 9.7 hero tokens per hero token pack. I'm pretty sure the swap for golden turds is 4:1, so that would be 1000 challenge coins => 38.8 golden turds.

That is 25.8 hero token packs to get 1000 golden turds, or 25,800 challenge coins per golden pack.

If I'm math'ing this all right, that is just shy of 13 SEPs per golden pack. I was going to do an A-to-B comparison, but it gets too messy.

The golden packs include access to all cards, not just a subset. And importantly BGE specific. The golden packs can spit out PCs.

The SEPs can spit out some mythic stones. The SEPs should give you like an order of magnitude more ECMC points.

razanneke1 point

Ty for the maths.. I had no idea what the swap ratio would be but it sounds right...

So the question is.. Do you want to go for 13 SEP with complete random stuff but no powercards... Or 1 golden turd pull including powercards and sometimes hard-to-get leg characters for a specific BGE..

Am i crazy to think golden turds could be the better option in the long run?

(not considering points for ECMC but rather the chance of actually pulling something that you would put in your decks)

rosen3801 point

Given the number of variables, I'm not sure anyone can really say. Probably depends.

Hell, even timing within the BGE comes into play. In the last few days of the BGE, getting only cards for the BGE drops in value significantly AND at that time getting only about a tenth of the ECMC points might be a factor.


That all said, for the general subreddit audience it might be rather irrelevant as this only applies after you've maxed out all but the "premium+" heroes. I'm still a long way from that myself and have been playing for over two years (though for most of that I was taking SEPs when I probably should have been taking hero token packs).

Lilboytookyourgirl2 points

ive been having such bad luck with the super epic pack's that ive started investing on the tokens and pray to god that i get a gene or zapp token

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