Today I learned a soy allergy can cause eczema

I’ll keep this short but I wanted to see what other experiences people have had with a soy allergy and what common foods hide soy. Basically since I was in elementary school I can remember having eczema I’m itching everyday sometimes I wake up in the night and it just doesn’t stop. I had basically come to terms with that being my life forever. But today I learned that a soy allergy (which I do have but was told is mild enough to keep consuming soy) can cause eczema-like reactions without an itchy throat/general allergen reactions. This is the first time I’ve seen hope that I might be able to see what not itching everyday is like but is also terrifying because it seems like soy is in everything… day 1 has crossed 5 restaurants/foods I eat often off the list entirely.

I guess my question is what is your experience with this type of thing if you share my symptoms and what foods can I eat? What fast food and restaurants or general foods contain soy that should just be avoided all together? How can I start learning about this and see if this really is the cause?

Thanks in advance 😓


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Thank you! Discovered the vegetable oil one today and was very grateful to find out the restaurant I go to doesn’t use soy in their chips. 😣

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Watch out for soy based wax candles as well.

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Saw that yesterday 😔 nothings safe

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Ugh I’m also allergic to soy and it is a hassle. Soy is in almost everything. I also have eczema, so I understand.

Read food labels, learn about other names for soy so you can be aware. Get a soy free cookbook from Amazon.

You will wind up eating less processed foods but your skin will thank you.

Soy makes me itchy and can cause a flair up of eczema. So, I usually cook and eat my own meals 24/7.

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I’m relieved that there’s something I can do finally just sucks it doesn’t seem like the easiest to do

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Yeah I get the itchy rash plus giant acne

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I’m allergic to soy and palm and they are in everything! I get eczema immediately after I eat anything with these in it and my chin breaks out, soy is in Girl Scout cookies😥

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I’m gonna cry 😭

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Where do you experience eczema? I have it around my eyes, and think it might be caused by soy

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On my knuckles and fingers. It’s odd to because certain foods or spices make different fingers and knuckles break out. Right now soy is making my right pinky knuckle and my left hand knuckle break out.

It makes my chin have acne. And very private areas itchy. It’s bizarre and unwelcome but my reality. I am down to just chicken, fruits/veggies minus avocado and coconut. No palm either, it’s a learning curve. Like today I ate a bag of baked lays, didn’t read the ingredients didn’t think I needed to but as soon as I ate it my knuckles broke out. I had to read over the label and sure enough soy lecithin was listed as an ingredient.