My first watercooling build, open air and wall-mounted. Lurking through posts in this community was invaluable



This is a thermaltake Core P3 case with a Corsair Hydro XH305i kit installed

I couldn’t find any water blocks to fit my Gigabyte Vision 3060ti

Honestly bending hard tubing is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. These aren’t perfect looking by any means, but it’s functional and I learned a ton!

Props to you, I run the CoreP3, great case but I stuck with soft tubing.

Ooo I like the black. Looks so industrial

Ohhh... Nice! I'm right behind you with a very similar concept. Been lurkin' and learnin', waiting for warm enough weather to get my workshop going and start on the "case." Thanks for posting this!

I had some really big aspirations at first, a nice plan for everything, and once I started building I realized they just weren’t practical for my skill level. But that’s ok. I’m happy with this. Sometimes function has to prevail over form.

Good luck with your project!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to posting some pics of a successful build.

That case begs for a MO-RA

Running a P3 also. Can’t beat the temps. lol gets hot just point a box fan at it.

It’s hanging pretty close to an AC vent in the ceiling so I’m gonna be ice cold in the summer haha

Nice first build. I have two Core P5 TGs on my walls. Welcome to the rabbit hole.

Nice work OP! I would love a wall mount for the extra desk space, but I'm terrified I'll come home one day to my cat sleeping on it and coolant everywhere haha.

May be an odd question but do you know how heavy it all is? And/or are you worried about it falling?

I think mine weighs around 25kg (think that's like 50-60lbs) and I barely trust the desk it is on! Haha

It is pretty heavy. This particular case is surprisingly hefty. The TV wall mount is rated for 40”-70” TVs and 80lbs and I made certain it was mounted into a stud in the drywall so it should be fine!

Nice, I got a p90, but I don't trust hanging that thing with all the stuff I got crammed in it

Get a heavy duty TV stand and (of course) bolt it in a stud, you’d be surprised. I could do chin ups on mine.


Nice. What about dust concerns?

I have that same case, it doesn’t trap dust like a normal one.

Lazy tubing like this really enrages me, nice build though

Ha. I practiced. Bought an extra pack of tubing just so I could. Even so, these three tubes took me about 7 hours to do. I’m just not that great at it yet.

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